I want to write, just to write. To return to the reason for my blogging a million and a half years ago. Not to have a driving purpose or a reason for every paragraph, comma or sentence. Someone recently pointed out that I plan to plan. That things just don’t get done that way. True my brain says, but the ‘dress right dress’ side of me needs structure. It needs standard work, a framework and a path.

There should be reason for doing a thing. Even if that reason is a simple because I want to. Time is one of the few things in life which you cannot get back. It cannot be borrowed, bought or stolen.

It can be saved, however. Being present is the key.

For me this means proactively acting. I cannot be present when succumbing to an inappropriate level of stress. This means following that pre-agreed upon path but remaining flexible to the ebb and flow of reality. It means maintaining a semblance of organization. Searching for that which is misplaced leads to stress, stress leads to frustration, frustration to mindlessness.

Being a flight nurse led me to the path of standard work. This bled into my physical presence in many aspects of my existence. Every tool has its place. Every project its methodology. Every idea its developmental structure.

The key is to maintain presence and not get lost in the procedure but to utilize the mechanism for positive production. A slope I need to be more vigilant to not slid down.

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