Whirl Wind

The past few weeks have changed the way I look at social media in the grand scheme of both who I am as a person and a professional.  I am currently in the basement of the BOB (Big Old Building) watching people tour the installations of ArtPrize waiting on a hand crafted beer in the city that claims the title of Beer City USA.  What am I doing here?  Blogging.  Seriously.  On my laptop writing.

To me—this is heaven.  The hum of the conversations, the dark lighting and the view of John doing what ever magic it is that brewers do.

This journey back to blogging was mired with emotional strife and an immense amount of personal struggle as I battled, and still continue to battle my way through an ultimate diagnosis of clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Two years ago I mentioned the possibility of being open with these diagnoses and beginning to blog about it to Sean and Mike.  Two of my social media mentors.  They highly encouraged it, but the depression wasn’t well enough and my life circumstances were not close to being in order for me to do so.

So now, here I sit with 2 years, three different antidepressants and countless therapy hours under my belt.  I have lived, which is something I wasn’t certain would be the case and I find myself ready and wanting to write.

I want to write.

How blissful that statement is to a soul that utilizes words as an expression akin to my version of art.  Especially this time of year, which traditionally sees me at the bottom of my emotional reserve.

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  1. Sheeees baaaaaaaccckkkk!!!!!!
    So glad I could a part of your journey and so ecstatic to see you writing again. Not to mention becoming one hell of a Podcaster!

    Hell yeah!

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