Want . to . blog . Head . pounding .

Head hurts so bad I am blogging through squinting eyes to keep down the glare from my baby mac. So, instead of boring you with dribble that won’t make sense to me later when the knitting needles are removed from their impaled position behind my eyeballs—–

Go read the BlogTalkRadio post from Doctor Anonymous about my guest spot on his show this Thursday. Here is what he said:

The Doctor Anonymous Show is proud to welcome Crzegrl, Flight Nurse to Show 47 on Thursday, September 4th, 2008 at 9pm Eastern Time. She is otherwise known as Emily McGee (pictured above), and I won’t even try to recite all that she has done profesionally other than to say that presently she is a flight nurse (cool), is a Captain in the US Army Reserves (really cool), and is a new media medicine maven (extra cool!).

Dr. A? Yeah, flattery will get you everywhere!

Oh, to answer your question, I will be drinking Dirty Belvedere, on the rocks, with a string of olives.

Belvedere Jagger-338X450

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  1. You can do a radio interview, You can do a video blog interview, but you can’t come hang out on the boat. Where is the love? We are all going out next sunday. You should come out. Even if you have to call in sick. Its the last big cruise of the summer. By the congrats on being on Dr A’s show again. Miss you. JS

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