Time after Time, and why I owe so many of you an apology

Ludington Pier—lost in the fog
Summer 2008

For me, writing is something that carries me closer to self actualization. It is from my heart and part of my soul, not just a passionate hobby. I write my best when experiencing amazing times of elation and deep periods of pain which are professionally related. The past few weeks, however, have found my heart and all of my conscious effort forcibly placed in taking care of myself at a basic level. Writing, answering emails, and responding to my social sites have not fit into that priority scheme.

As JS so graciously mentioned not too long ago, my crazy life has recently hit the red zone, if a gauge measuring it existed. One of the pilots I work with expressed his amazement at how much of myself I offer up on the Internet. My response? I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. As I make my way though this spike into the extreme zone of my life, however, you won’t find the details here.

I am amazed at how the relationships around me, which normally fluctuate to maintain a state of equilibrium, are thrown out of alignment. Some I rely most heavily upon have remained solid, others have not. That unfortunate reality is compounding the heartache.

So, as I wade through the next few weeks and my world begins to right itself, I ask for your patience. I will answer your emails. Each time I hear my phone chirp telling me I have new email, or a new comment, my day gets a bit easier.

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  1. Em,

    We are all there with you. You can’t take care of others if you do not take care of yourself first. Take a deep breath and relax. OOO-shhaaa. Day by day, week to week. Slow and steady works. At the end, you will be better for it. Cheers little lady.

  2. Hope you didn’t mind the post on my blog. I was just thinking about you after we talked that day, and I wanted to let you know that you are a great person, and that we (your friends) are here for you. And some of us on the other side of the state miss you. by the way, how is Andy? Keep your head up. Miss you. JS

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