The Year of Exploration

As 2014 is looming on my door step, I am once again reflecting on the past, and thinking about the future. The fact that my blog is now 10 years and 2 months old has enhanced my pondering the past.  What have I done?  What did I accomplish?  But most importantly, what did I give back?

As a professional, I receive and read a lot of information from different organizations.  The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses is one that is important to me and receives most of my reading attention.  Each new organization president introduces a theme or mantra for the year.  This is supposed to lead the organization and its members to thinking and acting in a specific way.  A guide for the year I suppose.

This led me to wondering why I don’t do that as an individual.  Why don’t I have a theme for the year guiding my self exploration and growth?  In fact, why don’t I have a personal mission statement?

The year of 2014’s theme for me:

Explore It

I am going to take the time to explore things that are both new and old.  The new will be to broaden my outlook on the world around me.  The old will be to keep the things I love, and discard those that are dragging on my consciousness both in mental and physical energy.  The new will allow me to identify that which I want in my life and the old which survives will be there for me to explore at in a deeper, more significant way.

To do this successfully, I will need to let things go.  In other words, clean out the things that sit in my house reminding me that I have home projects not completed, books paid for but unread, craft supplies collected but unused.  It is now time to whittle them down to what I really enjoy or decide is important.  The rest will be donated or hired out for completion.

Time is the one thing you cannot get back, and I need to focus on making it worthwhile.  So, the next part of the theme is:

Give It Away

While I am exploring and letting things go, I also need to focus on the moment.  I always have a huge project list that simply multiplies instead of shrinking.  Robin Roberts was quoted in USA Today a few days ago saying, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past.  If you are anxious you are living in the future.  If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

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