the commitment

After jumping all over the “post for 90 days” challenge, I found myself in a strange place mentally. I needed something, somewhere else. I gravitated away from my online life and threw myself into the world of the living.

The past month was filled with major events, quiet moments that will be in my heart forever, and patients–both sick and well.

Recently, I thought balance had finally settled over me. This past few weeks brought the realization that my crazy life needs chaos to truly be balanced. The chaos which introduces instantaneous adventure, spontaneous drives in the rain, and moments of deep conversation.

I return to my online life feeling more alive than I have in quite some time. There is so much more to write about when I am experiencing offline life.

So, what a better day to meld them into one than on my 32nd birthday. I would never want to be any younger than I am today.

Pa12ick, Kev, Ben, J9, Gideon, DK—thanks for making my life more than I could ever make it on my own.

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  1. Good to see you back on the posts Emily…Happy Birthday. Wendy and I miss being out at AeroMed with everyone. Hope everything is going well! (And the website is taking off lately!)

  2. It’s nice to see you online again. Your online presence is a deep and important complement to the physical you. Your expressive wit and insightful acumen are truly showcased online. The world is a little brighter and things make more sense when you post. thank you.

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