Slow day on the blog front

Last week was busy enough to feed the daily crzegrl blog dose, but instead, as I sit in Beaner’s Coffee half listening to friends study for a graduate level physiology course, I will give you a couple of links I came across in my travels across the blogs I read:

Change of Shift is up at emergiblog. I finally got off my ass and submitted this time . . .

The uber-study-nerds all looked at me funny as I was cracking up over the story at ER RN about an eagle and a motorcycle. Yes, the eagle won.

We actually passed my laptop around during an impromptu study break for impactEd’s graphic description of Throckmorton’s Sign. Ortho-Nurse crzegrl that I am thought it was great. I am going to use this on our next trauma patient.

And Violet Blue over at her blog linked to a post about a guy who tried to destroy a Glock 21, or at least make it not work. Bitch of it? It never misfired. I really need to trade in my ammo picky Smith & Wesson P99 for one of these.

So, as I attempt to talk the nerds into a cocktail cause a BAC of at least 0.04 always helps one remember the Renin-Angiotension cycle. Right Ben?

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention! That was one of the funniest nights in our ER – I’ll have to add more stories from that same night. I think it was a full moon. Explains it all, eh?

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