SimMan waste of $42,000?

Is SimMan really worth $42,000? We had one of these bad boys in our nursing lab at UPenn and I have to say that I was just not impressed. After an hour of use, the heart sounds, lung sounds and bowel sounds were memorized and the fact that the chest moved was no longer a novelty.

The amount of learning through using SimMan was directly related to the skill of person running the laptop which controlled him. What happened to good ol’ clinicals? I personally don’t Sue’s belief that every school should have one.

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  1. The one I experienced at Duke was much more complex than what you describe–maybe it was a different brand, I don’t remember now. Or maybe they just had a more accomplished person running the controls. But it was amazing, and the physicians I spoke with there positively glowed about it. I’m not a doc, so I can’t swear about its usefulness myself, but it seemed to be a very, very good tool to have in addition to–not instead of–clinicals.

  2. Just found out that the AeroMed unit affiliated with the hospital I work at has big plans for the SimMan they just purchased. Maybe I will get a second chance at a first impression!

    Thanks for your response Sue.