“Save the Tatas” Breast Cancer Fundraiser—Skydiver Style!

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and support. As with everything else in my world, after my mother’s diagnosis it has been insane. With her permission, I will be writing more about her journey from the eyes of her eldest daughter.

While I am working through just how to do that, I am participating in the 3rd annual “Save the Tatas” breast cancer fund raiser at Premier Skydiving this weekend. It is not only giving me a way to do something productive, it has opened my eyes to the thousands of people breast cancer affects.

emily tata pics 019

Although I am looking for donations, (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!–please go read the page on the event) I am just as interested in seeing how many comments in support of my mom and or the cause you all can generate.

For everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday night at midnight, I will add your name or Twitter name on a flag I am sponsoring in honor of my mom’s fight. Please retweet this and help it go viral!

Thank you all for helping me make “Save the Tatas” a success!

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  1. Praying and sending good vibes to your mama! I’ve know so many special women in my life who have battled this terrible disease…
    Keep Pressin’ & God Bless!

  2. All the best to you and your Mom, Emily, it’s such an awesome way to raise money for an organization that does SO much good.

    Much love, woman.

    (Proud niece of a two time breast cancer survivor.)

  3. Even though your picture is a bit distracting, I am also wishing you well. Hope you raise a lot of money and best wishes to your mother.

  4. Hey girl – found this link floating around twitter!

    Keeping your mom and family in my thoughts and prayers! My mom is a breast cancer patient as well. She finished up radiation last fall and is doing well so far. It’s definitely tough, but I promise that you somehow, someway get through it… day by day. (did that rhyme? not intentional, haha!)

    Love for you to throw my mom’s name on your moms flag. Her name is Jan C.

    Thanks & it’s awesome that you’re doing this. Best wishes to your mom. Hang in there!

    Oh, another great cancer foundation is Spirit Jump – I found them on Twitter also and they’re amazing. http://www.twitter.com/spiritjump

    Lindsay Maddox

  5. great pic. good luck in the morning. say hello the TNG and tell him next time fluff the girls a bit. all our love our prayers for you and mom 🙂

  6. strong work emily! thanks for causing all of use to “stop, stare, and take notice”.

    my comment is posted in honor of your mother’s fight and also in memory of my mother, laurie jane, a breast cancer survivor.

  7. Adding my comment in support here as well as on the original post. I want my name entered twice Cap’n 🙂

    Great photo BTW! Eye-catching doesn’t half cover it! Neither does jaw-dropping!

  8. Good luck with your campaign and also best wishes for your Mum. Tell her to hang tough. Cancer can be beaten!

  9. My prayers and very best wishes to both you and your mother for success in both. God bless you and keep you.

  10. Hey Emily! Great idea!! I’m keeping your mom and your family in my thoughts and prayers! 🙂

  11. It goes without saying love. You have my support, my thoughts are with you and your family. *HUGZ*
    An awesome idea and movement. I see you’re moving mountains as usual!

  12. Em, you know you already had my support, but had I known you needed *this* kind of support, I’d have pleaded my case a bit stronger. LOL j/k This is awesome, and it’s just like you to rock whatever it is you set your mind to. I wish the best for your mom who couldn’t be prouder, I’m sure.

    Ta Ta for now. 😉 (and be safe this weekend!)

  13. Go get’em Em! And best of luck to you and your mother. You are doing a good thing and I am sure it will help your mother maintain a positive attitude.

    Have a great jump and a great day.

  14. You are one brave girl and the apple probably doesn’t fall far from the tree. It never does. I wish you and your mother the best. My mother-in-law is a survivor and recently a good friend’s friend was diagnosed. This disease touches so many. So when you jump, you are jumping for the lost Ta-Ta’s of all the Shirley’s and Debbie’s out there. Thank you!

  15. Good luck in your jump; good luck to all the women in your life fighting this & other types of cancers.
    Too many of us touched by a devastating disease — but thank God there are so many survivors these days.
    Peggy, RN — found you by way of Pink, Warm & Dry (and can’t remember how I found her)

  16. Em,
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your mom. Save the Tatas! I will through up some auctions on ebay to raise some duckets! All the best!-Drew

  17. Go you for having the chutzpah to jump out of a plane! You’re awesome, and I’m really holding out hope for your mom. I’ve been hit very close to home by breast cancer, also, so you are both in my thoughts. Can’t wait to hear more about your awesome jump! 🙂

  18. How absolutely curageous and amazing to join the Save The Ta Ta’s fundraiser! Our thoughts and prayers are with you both, have a great flight girl!

  19. God Bless you and your mom. I too am a mom w/breastcancer. I can totally relate to what she and you are going through since I’m going through it also. I’ve had to endure 5 surgeries, chemo., and many long hard days. Love is the key. It may be a long road but it is not a lonely one. So many people support you both. Again, God Bless and many prayers. I’m looking forward to hearing how everything is going for you. Stop by http://www.Twitter.com/DarBe512 and say hi.

  20. Em,

    I came to visit via PWD, my heart and prayers go out to you and your mom and your family! I have family, friends, etc who have fought, survived or lost their battle! and just recently had my own scare!

    I wish you and yours well and to hang in there and don’t get discouraged if at all possible! There are so many of us pulling for you guys! And remember we’re all here if you need an ear! or a shoulder! Whatever you should choose! 🙂

  21. Best of luck to your Mom, Emily. I know and know of too many people who have had breast cancer. Fortunately, most of them have been survivors. May your Mom join that list.

  22. Go get ’em, Emily! Just watch that first step!

    With you all the way;
    Congenital Heart Defect Survivor & Advocate
    Adventures of a Funky Heart! blog

  23. Hey Emily,
    Prayers for your mother. As the eldest daughter of a 22 year Breast Cancer Survivor, I know what you are going through. My husband was stationed at NAS Kingsville when daddy called to give us the news. He wouldn’t let me use the Navy Relief fund to fly home to be with them. I wasn’t a nurse then so I felt a little cheated. After becoming a nurse and seeing what chemo does to a person and what it did to mom, I was glad I wasn’t there. I probably would have hung some docs for not doing enough. She needed Marinol for nausea and vomiting and that was back when you practically had to get the Presidents okay to give it to a patient, and didn’t get it due to the time they would have gotten approval her treatments would be over. She ended up back in the hospital every week from dehydration. I praise God everyday she is still with us that she is in remission.
    To all the women who will read this: I know it is a pain, literally, to have a mammogram done every year. BUT DO IT! It will save your life. Mammograms will catch a lump sooner than monthly self breast exams. DO THOSE RELIGIOUSLY TOO! You only have 1 set of TATAs so save them.
    Have fun skydiving Emily! It’s for a great cause.

  24. Good luck, Emily!! All the best to your mom in her journey and battle with this…I know all about survivors!! Margaret

  25. Buena suerte, Emilia!

    Best wishes to your mother for a speedy and trouble-free recovery very soon. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, and if you need *anything* give me a call anytime!! I mean that.



  26. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis, and I hope that she is doing well in her recovery. I’m a five year survivor. I found my lump and was diagnosed on April 14, 2004 with IDC, stage 3, grade 3, er/pr-, her2/neu+++, node positive. It was a scary diagnosis for me especially because at the time I was a single parent to an 11 year old daughter. There were times when I wondered if it was survivable. But I’m here five years later and my daughter is finishing highschool next year. I did get to hang around to see her grow up. You are doing a wonderful thing by being so supportive of your mother. I know that it isn’t easy for either of you and I will keep you both in my prayers.

  27. I don’t pray, but I’ll be keeping your mom in my thoughts (and encouraging ma familia to do the same). If she’s anything like you, she has the courage and attitude necessary to fight this battle – and with you at her side….well, she can conquer anything.

    I’m here if you need anything, and if you’re ever near St Louis please know that you’re always welcome in my home.

  28. Emily, I’m late for the flag thng. Still, my thoughts are with you and your mother. I remember delivering the same news to my daughter, 10 years ago, about my own diagnosis, and how she cried. It’s a rough path, but not an impossible one. Here’s to your mom celebrating ten years survivorship & more.

  29. Save the Tatas?
    Good on ya gal. Be safe in your jump…
    We’re all looking forward to reading about your experience.
    Love and prayers to your Mom.

  30. Hi – Hope I’m not too late to leave a comment. I recently found out a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer – I don’t know too many details because only a few people know exactly what’s going on. All I know is that she had a procedure done this week. I hope that everything goes well with your mom and that this jump raises awareness for the cause!


  31. Good luck! I just sponsored a friend doing the Avon 3 day, and my MIL is going through chemo right now after a mastectomy. Seems almost everyone I know has been affected in some way, and even my 5 year old daughter may be tested for a reproductive cancer gene before this year is over depending on what her grandma’s tests show. The science is amazing, but the human suffering is what makes efforts like yours so important. Enjoy the flight!

  32. My mom has just found out that her cancer has returned after 3 years of good reports. Preparing for a double mastectomy, radiation and/or chemo if needed. Prayers and good thoughts to all who have to deal with this terrible disease.

  33. Best to you and to your Mum…. I have jumped 7 times nothing like it and I bet there is nobody like your Mom !!

  34. Any mom who created a daughter as bright, devoted, and ballsy as you are is a heck of a woman. She will kick her cancer’s behind and continue being your fabulous mom and her fabulous self!