Return of the Girl

So, I took an unscheduled sabbatical.  Yup.  And it was one of the best things I have ever done.  After years of blogging and growing up with social media I was told by my spouse, “Not everything is Facebook worthy.”  His simple statement led me to a social media blackout that included deleting (but archiving) my blog, my Twitter account (@crzegrl15) and my Facebook account.  I couldn’t believe how much social media was weaved into the way I approached everything in my life.  There was a quite voice that was ever present:

Emily, you should blog about that . . . Emily, this photo would be great on Twitter . . . Emily check Facebook AGAIN.

I recognized I had a problem.  The motivation I had for doing something was simply because I could post about it.  I wasn’t living life and then realizing I might post something interesting.

Eventually, the cobbled on mess of my social media presence became overwhelming.  The large number of followers, the emails I just couldn’t get to and the cluttered, cobbled together file system looked like the digital version of something out of the TV show “Hoarders.”

So, I did what we all have wanted to do with the messes we are confronted with.  I proceeded to commence the digital version of lighting a match.  Then I really lit a match.  And created a giant bonfire last summer to start over.  I burned my past.  Photos, journals, memorabilia—almost everything.  Everything except the things that were Facebook worthy.  The moments in my life of which I am most proud.

After removing the digital, mental and physical clutter, I began to swim again.  And bike.  I got rid of financial clutter.  Had a few surgeries I was putting off while in search of the non-existent “perfect time.”  I began yoga one on one with a mentor.  I canceled all of my credit cards.  I  saw a counselor.  I cleared the physical, emotional and financial baggage.

Then, I realized I was ready for my friends.  I needed my friends.  I was ready to be a better friend.  One that they deserved.  I opened my Facebook account and had instantaneous responses that have just kept coming.  I opened my Twitter account and my old friends were there to welcome me back with open arms.

Ah, Twitter.  How I have missed thee?  Let me count the ways.

@iamunafraid @drmikesevilla @nursekeith —This is for you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the encouragement to return.

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  1. You–my fellow blogger, nurse warrior and social media hound–are an inspiration. You did what so many of us are too afraid to do. Congratulations on embracing your own self care and taking the plunge of unplugging. I am proud of you, happy for you, and glad to have you back.