One more license, this one for going fast

It isn’t quite a license, but rather an endorsement.

This weekend I will be completing the requirements for my Michigan motorcycle endorsement. I will be taking my written exam on Monday.

What the hell is this flight nurse, who worked in Orthopaedic Trauma, thinking?

Yeah, well, I like to go fast, so screw you guys.

Go ahead, talk to me about the gruesome motorcycle accidents you have been called out on. Tell me about the major trauma, and life changing injuries.

Guess what, I skydive too.

And I am scared to death of both. That is what makes them fun.

Ducati Monster 696

So, what is on my birthday wishlist? The new Ducati Monster 696. This baby is just damn sexy.

Oh, and just in case? Could I get one of these as well???

Head Dair

Actually, I want an airbag for my pelvis too. Just sayin’.

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  1. Hey, crzegrl! I stumbled onto your site from who knows where. I was doing homework, got distracted on the internet, and landed here.

    Love the site. I just started my own blog site, too. Come visit sometime. And, yeah, that Ducati is pretty damn sexy. If you’re putting on an order for one of those rider guys, though, would ya let me know?

  2. Hey Gal!

    Just wear your gear! Saw my sweet husband go down at 90 mph and he walked away (but had to have his rotator cuff repaired). Take that bad girl out on the track and put her through her paces. The track is the best place to ride – no morons making left turns from the right lane and you haven’t lived till you’ve dragged your knee through the corner. Get your racer’s license. You won’t regret it!

    You go girl!
    Stacy B

  3. Hey, you’re a flight nurse, ortho trauma NP, love tats, and skydive. I think you are way overqualified as an adrenaline junkie. If you get your wish, enjoy! I am envious…just jk 🙂

  4. @StacyB
    One of my best friends actually teaches street racing and I keep telling him that I want to learn, much to my mother’s dismay. Just what I need, one more expensive hobby that I need a license, a signed waiver, and a helmet for!

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