My Apple Happy Dance

I know I have expounded upon the merits of Apple Computers and my iPod, but this just keeps getting better.

I have 2 Apple Computers: a beeeeuuuutiful 20″ G5 (aka: Big Mac), and a cute and cuddly 12″ PowerBook G4 (aka: Little Mac). Okay, so not so original, but it works.

As with all computers, they are not free from bad juju. The power supply was replaced on the Big Mac about 8 months ago when the computer began shutting off at random intervals.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a very long blog post disappearing into the realm of “holy shit I am so stupid, I forgot to save!” nothingness.

Fortunately, the fix was easy. After a quick phone call to technical support, with very little on hold, wait time, the issue was diagnosed, and I was sent to my local Apple store.

Three weeks ago, same bad shut off issues (without the loss of long-winded posts!) started again. Yeah, they were not reproduced in the store after over a week. I brought it home and after 45 minutes the entire screen frogged out. This time I was getting a bit annoyed. A quick EASY run down on the support page at allowed me to complete an at home diagnosis. The logic board was toast.

A quick phone call to the Apple store and I had an appointment with a Genius the next day, with many apologies. Of course, walking into the store was nothing but GOOD juju as the computer miraculously WORKED for the Genius.


They kept the computer on my word that it really wasn’t working. And yes, tech-nerd CrazyGirl felt like an idiot. “No, REALLY it is all screwed up!”

Got a phone call yesterday that my computer was finished.


……………….covered by the AppleCare agreement.

All this even though they still couldn’t reproduce the power issues I was having. Brand new Logic Board, Power Supply and installation all taken on my word.

wow, wow, WOW!

P.S. Little Mac fell into that Sony battery recall (shameless link to UPenn) which was recently announced. Was I worried? Nope. Went to the Apple support site, took 2 minutes and submitted my digits/serial numbers and my new battery is on the way!

Oh and yes, Kevin, you were right…..

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  1. I have never used a mac. I’ve found that there are diehard mac users and diehard windows users. You rarely find someone who has or likes both.
    That’s some great customer service. Glad you got it fixed and with no money out of your pocket.

  2. That is wonderful that you got excellent customer service from Apple! I’ve never owned a MAC, but it seems that once a person switches to MAC, they never go back to windows.

    (why does it never mess up for the people at the customer service dept., but always messes up for you? This happened with my car under warranty last year. )