Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS)

Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS)

Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS),
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Happy Birthday Patrick (secret squirrel agent) who is with me on the
Michigan Motorcycle Safari ’08. He got a sexy new bike for his b-day
and we chose to drive north. I will be updating the blog as we go.

Here we are at a hick sports bar watching the Tigers. I highly
recommend the primerib wrap!

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  1. The redneck sports bars are the best kind. Enjoy the trip and be safe! Oh, and if you find any dove bars along the way, you owe me. 😉 hehehehe

  2. “Safari” Didn’t I coin that term for super cool road trips? I wish I could have been with you guys. With the cost of fuel I can’t safari anymore, and its killing me. Looks like you had a great time. Love the pic at arch rock. Mark and I did a safari along the michigan shore line and mackiniac Island a few years ago. That really is a great trip. Shepp

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