I think I have Information Deprivation Disorder

While doing a clinical rotation in OB last week, which is required for my position annually, I was bordering on a minor anxiety attack. For the first time in a very long time, I was without my cell phone.

Today, while working on all of my social media accounts, surfing the web and watching Twitter simultaneously, I came across a Tweet—

@LaurenCandito: New on the SMS Blog: Many show withdrawal symptoms after 24 hours without technology

During brief period standing in line at the market, I have found myself reaching for a phone I left in the car, realizing that I no longer am able to just stand still and occupy myself without a digital distraction. After having it happen on more than one occasion, I thought that I may have an issue until that day last week in clinical.

I reached for an absent mobile.

I reached for missing paper & pen that is my backup distractor and battery-less blogging tool.

There was no way to distract myself.

I almost panicked.

Then the link to the above post.

I may have Information Deprivation Disorder.

I need to get over it.

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  1. > I need to get over it.


    I see absolutely no reason to be without something to read, ever. When the power goes out, I switch to books. But why should you just sit there? Are you trying to merge with the infinite?

    Certes, the way we switch from thing to thing and click randomly on the next thing and go to the dictionary every third word… that’s maybe not so good.

    > missing paper & pen

    … but doodling is quite healthy and can actually help you focus on learning and stimulate your imagination. It’s silly to assume there’s some benefit to sitting still unless you’re motivated by spiritual matters.

  2. Try going unplugged for a day. I do this sometimes when I have a special day planned with my kids. My rule is to check email once in the AM and then not again until before bed. I do carry my cell phone, but only for emergencies.

  3. I have a friend who lived on my couch for a few months. She would have the TV on, laptop fired up, and her SmartPhone in hand. It would drive me crazy! I never felt so disconnected with a friend — and she was in the same room.

    Away from technology, our conversations were centered around what was being said on Twitter, Facebook, etc. A disappointment when there is so much more we could talk about. Oh well…

  4. Hey – by the way, I noticed that on your sidebar, my blog “Livin’ Large” is still listed. I’ve revamped, renamed, and moved it to “Blood, Guts, and Coffee” (www.bloodgutsandcoffee).

    Take care…



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