Flight Nurse in Action: Header Explained

Well, as I can’t bring myself to write about anything deep tonight, I thought it would be a good time to explain my header.

This was taken towards the end of the summer by Ben during a scene call up north.

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From left to right: Brad S., pilot, myself, FRN, and Hartley T., MD

I love this photo for so many reasons. Most importantly is that it captured us in our groove. By this I mean that on any given scene during the patient loading sequence this is where you will find the pilot, the nurse and the doctor. It is like a dance in which each person knows the steps.

The colors in the photo are also amazing. The burgundy of the blanket covering the patient, the blue of the spread on our stretcher, the contrast of the ProPaq monitor on the stretcher pole.

Although you can’t see my face, three things which mean the most to me are at the forefront of the photo: the US flag on my uniform, the water wing tattoo below my hair line, and the patch of my MEDEVAC unit when I was a flight nurse. All deep pieces of me.

There are many things I could talk extensively about, but instead, I will simply give you a link to the rest of the set here.

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  1. Hi. My name is Heather and I have been a cardiac nurse for 4 years. I am very interested in learning more about flight nursing, but want to experience what the field is like before investing lots of time and energy into it. Do you know of any programs where I could get this experience? I appreciate any help you can offer. Heather.

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