Eleven Years

Keeping a blog alive for any amount of time takes an immense amount of work, patience and dedication.  Those who possess this dedication to stay the course have my respect and admiration.

Today marks the eleventh year of my niche in the blogging community.  Eleven short, long insane years that saw me a student first, a provider next and now a teacher who is all three.  My deepest passion is still in flying the ill and injured, but my body and my mind feel the weight of attempting to be strong while striving for perfection.

The news of Robin Williams successful suicide stuck a cord in so many, myself included.  It was my hope that his death would not be a waste.  It was my hope that those fortunate enough to never have depression creep into their lives would open their minds to the deep painful suffering it inflicts.

Depression does not inflict the weak.

Depression is a consequence of the strong–shouldering heavy burdens without relief.

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