Don’t f@&> with a crzegrl

Don't f@&> with a crzegrl

Don’t f@&> with a crzegrl,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Nuf said.

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  1. Ahh, I remember my younger years in the unit, faithfully discharging my duties of guarding that little white coffee pot. I’m glad somebody has finally taken over the reigns. For too long that coffee pot has been devoid of the protection it deserves. Keep up the good work LT McGee, and we’ll never have to drink gas station coffee again!

  2. If they only new the truth about that look youre giving. that moment we shared, with that weapon pinned between us. I guess they could read it in Dear Penthouse….

  3. OMG you guys are a mess!!! j/k

    Coffee pot Ranger I am! Was actually just bored and thought it would be a funny photo. Had a lot of down time this weekend, so we got a little creative. Even have video of Sarber trying to tip over a tree….yeah, don’t ask. And yes Mike, that is so going up on YouTube.

    BTW, PH isn’t interested in stories about me kicking your ass……just sayin’!

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