crzegrl’s vBlog entry no. 2!

I’d like to officially thank Mark K., Flight Nurse and tech guru’s for helping me out. It was his first go-round with his editing software and I am giddy with the results. This entry was taped in one take over 15 minutes at shift change. What you are looking at is some serious flight nurse bed head and quite frankly, I am pleased that Mark and I could wing something so well.

With that said, I will send an official Aero Med calendar to the first person to find the goof and post it in the comment section! (Kevin, you will be getting yours in the next few days so I am officially disqualifying you . . . )

So, Mark—-thanks for the help. And Ronbo/Dr. Mark? You guys are great for my ego!

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  1. This is so well done and informative. Am looking forward to the next installment. Do you plan to ever take us for a video flight? Can you actually do that?

  2. Almost had the opportunity to do just that earlier today. I have posted some video on my YouTube site as well of just us flying.

    Here is a window with 3 different flight videos:

  3. Hay I think the goof was calling your self an army flight nurse? Any way great job and I think you should send me a calander for our 10th
    Cheers Mark

  4. @Mark V—not quite, but email your address anyways. That was a goof with a long history πŸ˜‰

    @Nurse Sean—thanks for the trackback.

    @Denise—That video is going to take some planning, and will be broken up, but am hoping to do a series that walks all the way through a flight from request to end.

    Thanks for the great comments, and I already have an outline for the next installment! Please send me requests and ideas!

  5. Hi Emily!
    Love the video blog! πŸ™‚

    I was thinking the same as Mark – that your goof was calling yourself a flight nurse vs a flight medic for the military.

  6. Hi Emily,

    Awsome video blog! Love to hear and learn all I can about the profession.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for what you do……

    Is the goof, paramedic qulified vs paramedic certified?
    Back to clinical prep I go πŸ™‚

  7. That was very well done. I think I will stick with my ground ambulances, when we crash we don’t fall hundereds of feet! I hope the next one is just as cool. Be safe. Shepp

  8. Man, adrenaline-hungry-uber-geeks get to have all the fun (tongue in cheek). Kinda makes you feel sad for people who work in an office that doesn’t beep, whir, hiss, and occasionally get covered in somebody elses blood, doesn’t it?

  9. Emily, awesome video, loved it! Really really enjoyed it once you got into the back of the aircraft, as you visibly relaxed once you were in ‘the office’.

    One point from a presenting/performance POV? When you’re delivering dialogue (like at the start, by the aircraft), try and keep your feet still. I know you’re nervous and trying to think on your feet what to say, but I found myself thinking “I can’t listen to her, I’m watching where she’s going!”

    You’re military, right? You must have experience of standing still while nervous, just figure like you’re on the parade ground!

    Great vlog though, really looking forward to the next installment.
    I wanna be a flight nurse! πŸ˜€

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