crzegrl Guest Speaker? Yup, 2011 Michigan Trauma Symposium

“The Impact of Alcohol on Trauma”

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On 24 March I am speaking at the Michigan Trauma Symposium in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Every year, the symposium rotates between the three major cities/trauma centers in West Michigan: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing. A few months ago, our trauma coordinator called the hangar wondering if we had any good case studies to present related to alcohol and trauma. Knowing I am a sucker for such a request, my manager asked if I had any ideas . . .

. . . I said no . . .

As the fickle hand of fate would have it, I was GIVEN a case study about 3 weeks later. Quite honestly, this one is going down as #1 in my medical career of all patient’s I have had the honor of caring for. And then to be able to speak to a crowd of a few hundred people about it? Sorry, BRAG to a few hundred people about how awesome the 50+ people who cared for him in the first 2 hours post injury were?


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  1. Hi Emily. I’m a former “Dustoff” pilot and currently fly EMS for an air ambulance company that’s headquartered in Chicago.(Aerocare). I’m also a writer and have just finished up an article on Flight Nurses. In the piece I used your description of of the qualifications needed for a “Flight Nurse” because it just said it all. I’d like to send you a copy of it and get your thoughts. Please reach out if have a moment.. Steve