Chaos and Not Much Order–How to get things done

I must, on an almost hourly basis (or even more frequently!), remind myself that planning my work day is neigh unto impossible. Not only is it impossible, but even after starting on a project or task that being interrupted too many times to count is to be expected.

Take for example a normal shift. Today, I was expecting to arrive at our main base and travel by ground (get in a car and drive for you land lubbers) to our second base after meeting the rest of the crew. Normally, the aircraft is left overnight at our second base and we meet it there.

Today, however, the aircraft was at our primary base. And the weather is crap. (Or IFR for you air lubbers). So, instead of being in a quiet office with space to work and expected interruptions like shift briefings and flight requests, I found myself discombobulated, without quiet work space, and constantly pulled in so many directions I was feeling like rubber girl. (get your mind outta the gutter) Yup, I am working out of our primary base. Read–work plans foiled.

Did I get a lot done? Arguably. Am I straight exhausted from the chaos? Absolutely.

And my presentation is still not getting done. Now I am so overwhelmed I am having difficulty concentrating. Oh, yeah. I was planning on arriving at our second base, doing my daily flight nurse duties and sitting down to about 8 hours of book/computer work.

Heh, even my post is disjointed and chaotic.

How does a girl who has a bunch to do, but works in disorder and chaos get anything done? Heh, and to think I am here to FLY!!! πŸ™‚

I need a nap.

Instead I am going to work on my PowerPoint presentation while hiding on our mezzanine with the intubation heads and stretchers.

peace and quiet

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  1. OH c’mon now? did you really think going up the chain of command would make time management some how simpler??
    I’m just the middle-man nurse and I feel that kind of pain all the time.

    But, then again, shall we expect anything less? πŸ™‚

  2. Heh. I know better. But wow do I need to get a handle on it. I have too many projects that I want to tackle full on. Feel like that performer doing a crazy plate spinning routine.

    But, maybe we are both masochistic. I like that explanation best.

  3. Did you tell anyone you needed time to work on your project?
    Jinxed yourself.
    Happens to us all…
    ABSOLUTELY need to get off on time to tend to another task?
    (Phone rings 30 minutes before shift change.)
    (Pulls hair out.)

    1. They didn’t add that to the job description when I was hired. It should have been in the fine print at least!

      Round two of that insanity is going to commence tonight. I’m working night shift with another nurse with whom I am working multiple projects. Should just start prescheduling the flights!!

      Heh, I’d rather go fly anyways.