Change of Shift: Volume 3, Number 10

Welcome to Change of Shift Vol. 3, No. 10. I have the honor and privilege to be co-hosting this edition with his excellence Zippy the Lobster!

For those of you unaware of Zippy’s adventures in his quest to raise money for Children’s Brain Cancer research, check him out at

Zippy enjoying the fall colors
from the nurse’s window

Although Zippy and I have been super busy with all of our craziness over the past few weeks, we were looking forward to doing this video edition of CoC. As always, the entries were fantastic and although we tried, the video never does them justice.

———–As with my previous video editions, here is a summary of the entries old style———–

Jen (leading the way as promised!) over at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place gives us a frustrating but realistic look at the issues we face when continuity of care is broken down between a hospital admission and the out patient office in “A Brutal Comedy of Errors.” Think of the increased quality of care we could give nationally if we could solve this one problem.

Wanderer, from his blog Lost on the Floor submitted my favorite post for this edition: “It Was Only a Dream.” I wasn’t kidding about that Haldol Lozenge Blow Gun. Seriously. 😉

Memoir of a Schizo submitted two must read entries titled “Signs of Postoperative Complications” and “The Necessity of Triage.”

In “Is Hunting for Spiders Part of Your Duties,” Karin at Nurse’s Life Blog, gets props for this week’s quote—-

Sometimes we have to go and hunt for spiders.

I wish I would have read Patrick’s entry a bit sooner as the 9 hour TransAtlantic flight was looooooong. I could have easily applied his ideas from “Caristhenics: Exercises to Do While Traveling by Car” posted at his blog

The bloggers over at NurseConnect have been busy. Nurse Laura wrote a great entry titled “So Many Goodbyes” and every time I am at the hospital I will think of Kathy’s entry “Elevator Etiquette.”

Over at The Back Pain Blog, Dean gives us the low down on why “Back Pain is Not About Strength.”


There, I said it three times fast. But what is Neuroplasticity? Laurie Bartels over at SharpBrains wrote a book review titled “Neuroplasticity and the Brain That Changes Itself.” Bet you didn’t think I could work that in 2 more times, did ya?

The wooHoo award goes out to Miss-Elaine-Ious at Miss-Elaine-Ious, RN for her catch of a STEMI on a patient that was, quite literally, dying in front of her. Like the big one folks. She was way too modest in her post “Wow.” This is, without a doubt, one of those moments we all got into healthcare for.

A new blogger, to me at least, Voke Emore at his self named blog Emorevoke’s Weblog gave us the larger political picture of our recent presidential election from the continent of Africa in “History in the Making.” He too gets a quote for this edition:

It is up to you to decide how you will handle the defeats of life.

I would also like to point out his entry “Prayer.” I hope to see more of his stuff in the future. hosts, what I believe is a video entry (duh). Unfortunately the Internet here is a bit wonky so someone please give their .02 cents in the comments! The entry is “VideoJug: Life Explained. On Film.”

If you were looking for a new job search resource, check out “The Nurse’s Ultimate Online Job Hunting Toolbox” at

And last, but certainly not least my main squeeze 2beStrong. A man after my own procrastinating heart who squeaked in at the last minute with two entries: “Hi, I’m the Nurse, We’ve Never Met” and “I’m a Passionate Nurse and Passionate About Nursing.”

WHEW! What an edition!

As always, Kim of Emergiblog fame, thanks for letting me host. Next edition is November 27, 2008 – Volume Three – Number Eleven – Guest Host: Rehab RN.

Note: please check out the embedded link for a few entries I initially missed in the video! Video inside a video?  Yeah, Viddler is awesome!

Good night!

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  1. Spain? You never call, you never write… I hate you! LOL. Not really. But your friends over here in the detroit miss you… I miss you. Call me. Thats an order! Not that I can give orders…


  2. Thanks for including my post and the quote, “Sometimes we have to go and hunt for spiders.”

    I like your style of adding videos to COS. Your voice gives it more life. I’d like to see more of you though, more lighting in the dark maybe? Anyway, with lighting or not, it’s still a great intro.

  3. Hey guys….glad you liked it. I agree with the lighting. Believe it or not I spent about an hour trying to figure out the best place to shoot this silly thing.

    John—I miss you guys too. I really need to not be doing so much, but I’m afraid if I stop I will just turn to dust, or implode, one of the two.

  4. Thanks for the mention of my post, “Caristhenics: Exercises to do while traveling by car.” Even though it was an afterthought! Ha!
    No, it is greatly appreciated and was the first mention of my name in that capacity, so yay for me! Also, thank you for the insight into the other wonderful posts out there, all good information and I will be back to learn more! Hopefully I’ll have another post worthy of comment again? Cheers Emily!

    PS… Loved the t-shirt!

  5. Take command and you get all stuck up. I forgot about Spain. Thought you had forgotten about me. Just wanted to to say hey and wish you the best. It has been awhile. Glad you are back on the net. I will be looking for you.

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