Grand Rounds & Change of Shift Host—Yes Both!

He all, I am indeed hosting Grand Rounds on 10 November and Change of Shift of 12 November!

So please, get me your submissions ASAP….and help a girl out? Please put the corresponding Carnival in the subject line!

Submit to me—

emily at crzegrl dot net

Will let you know deadlines soon!

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I am sick of pink

I am sick of pink.

Pink runs, pink toothpaste packages, pink yogurt.

I am sick of pink articles, pink signs, pink nail polish.

Every time I see pink it reminds me that my mom has cancer.

It reminds me that the first time an “expert” saw her breast mass two years ago they said it was nothing.

You bastard.

You fucker.

You may have taken my mother away from me. If you would have done your job she may not be going through chemo. She may have had no lymph node involvement.






You should wake up for the rest of your life and explain to her grandchildren about why their first lesson in death wasn’t their dog, it was their Beama.

Please nurses, doctors, techs at Mayo Clinic.

Please, Please take care of my mom.

Please make up for the mistakes of another.

Please give her more Christmas mornings, more afternoons of knitting, more time to teach her grandchildren all of the things she has taught me.

I cannot fathom a day without my mom. My teacher, my guide, my wisdom, my strength.

Not yet.

Not now.

The pink that is so empowering, that gives hope.

Please be my hope too.

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Becoming a Flight Nurse Update

Many, MANY of you have sent me emails and posted comments asking for more information about becoming a flight nurse.

I have read every single one of them, and have realized how important it is for me to finish my “Becoming a Flight Nurse” venture.  Your questions are adding a new level of depth to the content, so please keep asking!  I promise it will not be for naught.

As I keep plugging away at that part of my blog, and resume a more regular blogging schedule, (if ever I had one), please be patient as I work to respond.

If you are interested in getting email updates from me when I do update “Becoming a Flight Nurse” please leave me your email addy in the comment section and I will put you on the list!

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Her Words

Her footsteps echo rhythmically, the first two hesitant, the rest intentionally systematic so as to not seem rushed.  The lights glaring should be the source of her perspiration, but the cold air vent blowing from the ceiling chill her bare arms against the nerves causing her sweat soaked blouse.

Although she braces herself for the echo, her voice startles her as she speaks into the microphone.  She was told they were waiting patiently for her, but she was unsure.

She hoped there was at least one left to hear her words.

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“Save the Tatas” Breast Cancer Fundraiser—Skydiver Style!

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and support. As with everything else in my world, after my mother’s diagnosis it has been insane. With her permission, I will be writing more about her journey from the eyes of her eldest daughter.

While I am working through just how to do that, I am participating in the 3rd annual “Save the Tatas” breast cancer fund raiser at Premier Skydiving this weekend. It is not only giving me a way to do something productive, it has opened my eyes to the thousands of people breast cancer affects.

emily tata pics 019

Although I am looking for donations, (SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!–please go read the page on the event) I am just as interested in seeing how many comments in support of my mom and or the cause you all can generate.

For everyone who leaves a comment by Saturday night at midnight, I will add your name or Twitter name on a flag I am sponsoring in honor of my mom’s fight. Please retweet this and help it go viral!

Thank you all for helping me make “Save the Tatas” a success!

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Lake Michigan Beach + Skydivers = INSANITY!

So what happens when you get a bunch of experienced skydivers together with An empty Lake Michigan beach and a Jump plane?

Good times my friends, good times.

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My Mom has Cancer—The Diagnosis We Never Expected

The diagnosis was a complete shock.

During a phone call to my mom a month ago I jokingly told her that she needed to live to be 900. Just the thought of not having her near, an ever present influence, was almost too much to fathom.

5 weeks ago. Tuesday morning. 3 days before my 34th birthday.

She answered my call to her cell phone.

Until that moment my day was one of errands and laughter as I rode shotgun, keeping my significant other company. My mom’s voice, weariness coupled with strength I can only hope for, expressed words that took my mind hours to completely comprehend.

Emily, it was positive.
I have breast cancer.

I heard those words just over a month ago.

A month ago, and a century.

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Good Morning, Good Grand Rounds, and more . . .

As I work on getting back into the bl-bl-blogging groove, cruising through my Tweets for the morning, I wanted to send a huge shout out to Kerri at Six Until Me and her great edition of Grand Rounds. I need to spend more time at Grand Rounds Cafe. Anyone want to join me?

Oh, and follow Kerri on Twitter @sixuntilme!

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Gratuitous FreeFly Video

I just love Twitter.  Just when things tend to get a bit comfortable, an entirely new group of people “find” you.  Lately, more skydivers have, pun intended, fallen into my follow group.  Would like to give @peterdierx credit for the Tweet linking this video!

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