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We all have heard the horror stories about someone being fired, losing credentials, flogged and stoned due to the content of their blog. As a member of the nursing profession, it is a constant fear in my own mind that I will write about something inappropriate, or say something one of my collegues will not approve of.

For the purposes of sanity, I maintained a distance from my professional life and, in some ways, my private life on this blog for quite awhile. I didn’t know where this pet project of mine was going to go and wanted to be sure of the path prior to putting myself out there.

I made the decision about six months ago that it is part of me and it was time to start sharing it. All of it. The most important thing I did?

I told my boss.

That’s right. I walked into her office and proactively told her about Not only did I give her the address (hello Boss!) but was able to introduce another professional to the plethora of good writing that is online.

Since then, I have shared some of my writing with my peers, especially when it is about them. I even had a post about a patient that the family asked to be read at his memorial service.

Blogging doesn’t have to be about hiding. It doesn’t have to be a secret, horrible thing that we suffer for doing. I inwardly weep for those who no longer have the opportunity to share their words. For me it is not only part of how I maintain my sanity, but it is such an integral part of my psyche that it would send me through the grieving process to lose it. I see it as a way to encourage, share and in some small way, make a difference.

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  1. My Station officers read me, there are members of the executive board who read my blog.
    Honesty stops you getting fired.


  2. I also wrote a little rant about the same subject. It’s pretty pathetic when you can be fired for having a blog. Of course we try to keep it as nondescript as possible to preserve privacy but sometimes I just want to put my real name and face to what I write in order to make it legit. What do you think?

  3. yes, i have lost my job due to my blog. it was actually a travel contract, and I lost it. got the phone call during my weekly pedicure and just about threw my phone across the nail salon. ah well, that was a few years ago. didn’t violate hippa, nor my patients, just spoke my mind regarding the facility not even mentioning the facility’s name.

  4. Thank you for sharing your stories. I’m in nursing school now and will go into flight nursing once I get out. I’ve been working in an ER for quite some time. It’s the only place for me! Thanks again!

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