Autumn dog snores

A woodpecker is pounding on the cedar siding of my home, breaking the peace which is my reality this morning. Lucy, Steve and Bougie the cat are curled up in their spots on the furniture watching the birds through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the autumn trees.

It is so easy to berate myself for being inside. For not working on something possessing a due date, or taking advantage of the amazing Michigan October weather. Instead, I am convincing myself that the cup of french press and listening to the dogs snore is just as important.

My home is a place of semi-solitude. One of peace and beauty simultaneously insulating me from the elements but letting those same elements in. A constant reminder of the things to be done.

For now, in this moment, I will accept the peace and watch the bluejay lift his head from the birdbath, only to fly away in search of that which I will never know.

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