Airline Hell

Airline Hell

Airline Hell,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

I have been in an airport since 2:45 pm. It is now 9:25 pm and we
have flown the equivalent of 2.5 hours drive. I am about to lose it,
sitting on the runway in Chicago waiting for a gate. The first
flight was delayed by three hours and I believe we missed our
outbound headed to Los Angeles.

I . Need . A . Drink

Merry f?!@$!g Christmas.


end rant

At least I can bitch via iPhone!

Update: We finally arrived at LAX sometime around 1:30 am PST. It was good to be done traveling!

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  1. I had to laugh looking at your picture. It is one of you-don’t-want-to-#@!%-with-me look. That is so cool you can post from your iPhone…Have a great holidays.

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