AirLife Denver lands top global honor

I decided that I need to actually start keeping up and writing more about the HEMS industry.

Marky, I thought about you this morning when I came across the following article. Guess your classmate will have smack to talk when you mention the Duracell commercial . . .

From EMS Flight Crew:

Airlife Denver, the emergency-transport service for HealthOne, was named the top medical flight service in the world for 2010-2011 by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) . . .

AirLife Denver has served nearly 50,000 patients and their families over 27 years across the eight-state Rocky Mountain region. The program has made investments in such items as night-vision goggles, terrain-awareness warning systems, a better patient loading system, and painting the helicopters and ambulances green and blue for better visibility

[From Airlife Denver lands top global honor]

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  1. “…painting the helicopters and ambulances green and blue for better visibility.”

    Get out the paintbrush Maudy! If we paint our birds Fuschia and Lavender we stand a better chance of gettin’ one o’ them awards!

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