10,000 Hours

Slow motion as time slips through my knuckles


Nothing beautiful about it, no light at the tunnel

For the people that put the passion before them being comfortable

Raw, unmedicated heart no substitute

Banging on table tops, no substitute

–Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I started flying 7 years, 7 months, and some odd days ago.  It is strange to look at the other flight nurses and realize I am on the side of the “old timers” now.  My face has changed.  The aircraft looks different.  The world is different.

But I still get nerved up.  I still have to look things up.  I still question my abilities.  I still love what I do.  I am still proud of what I do.

My heart is still raw.  Being in nursing really is a passion—and not comfortable.

My 10,000 hours.  I am still banging table tops.

There is no substitute.


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