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Drugs.com iPhone Edition


I love my iPhone, but mourn the medical programs I have on my old Treo 650. It sucks when I need drug information on the fly and cannot access the Edge Network.

In the mean time, here is a link to something other than Epocrates which works the same was on the iPhone. I won’t vouch for the accuracy of the program, but wanted to pass it on for anyone (besides me) who hasn’t seen this yet.

Drugs.com iPhone Edition
Thanks to Steve, one of my flight docs for the link!



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J-em rockin’ it out on my 3 mile jaunt. Bones thugs and Emily? Yeah.

So, I’ve spent over 3 hours on the phone with AT&T over the past 2
days attempting to get my DSL fixed. No dice.

I may need some benzos. The shakes have begun to set in.

Entourage Email Hell

So I spent 3 hours yesterday composing emails to all of you whom I have neglected for way too long.

As I didn’t have internet access while writing said emails, they sat in the outbox ready to go in one mass send.

Now they won’t go.

I’ve updated Entourage.

I’ve sent something successfully from my iPhone with the same account.

It isn’t my server, which the error message is blaming.

F&^#%ng MicroSoft.




For those of you who still aren’t up on Twitter, here is your formal invitation, or kick in the pants as it were.
I have so many friends (Benny, Craig, Mississippi Pauli, Kev, Kip) whom I have a hell of a time keeping up with. HINT HINT!

Twitter can be updated via text message or internet so we are at least reassured that you are alive and kickin’ and not, “pulling a Pauli.”

Oh yeah, this post is a direct result of my reading Not Nurse Ratched’s “In defense of Twitter.”

Yes kids, if my AWESOME in-laws can Twitter, you can too. (ok, yeah, my in-laws are just 100 times cooler than yours! I’m just sayin’.)

Don’t make me get out my boots and whip!

And for those of you who are already on Twitter???

I’m crzegrl15—–add me!

Seriously—What (tattooed) Disney Princess Are You?

I have to admit something. I am kinda drawn to those online quiz things. Gawd it is almost like a teenage girl admitting she is knocked up!

So, anyways, my friend April sent me a linky-lu on Facebook for the quiz, “What Disney Princess Are You, and funny enough, the description actually pegged me:

I’m Ariel

You are the adventurous princess. Although set into a life of luxury and wealth, you crave the unknown. Learning new things is an integral part of your nature. You have the extraordinary ability of meeting new people without having any preconceived biases. You know what you want and you are willing to take the risk to get it. You’re Ariel!

Okay, minus the luxury and wealth part.

Even my tattoos give it away.

Img 0200

Img 3707

Flickr collection here.

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More on McCain

I was able to upload video to YouTube taken from my Canon PowerShot camera at the rally. The videos are in no particular order. (One, Two, Three)

Here are some links to the local MSM coverage as well:

McCain in Grand Rapids; Romney later today


McCain rallies at the airport

That concludes my updates and venture into live blogging . . . for now.

Senator McCain’s Rally in Michigan—Live Blog Summary

As I was standing in flight com this morning someone mentioned that the very large plane in the process of parking was Senator McCain’s.  15 minutes later I found myself on the way to one of the Airport hangers where McCain was holding a rally.  Shirley and Frank (who work with me) were game and on a moments notice with iPhone and digital camera in hand we headed out as I wanted try my hand at live blogging.

Political views aside, this was an interesting way to spend my morning.

Although I didn’t have a good flow for doing something live, it was cool to have the capability of instantly notifying friends in California and Hawaii (via Twitter and SMS) of what I was doing.

My intentions were to attempt to get the rest of the photos/videos from my camera uploaded, but alas—-my work internet is giving me fits.

Partial Flickr set here.  Will update when I get more up.