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crzegrl on the Doctor Anonymous Show this Thursday!

OHhhhhh!!! I forgot to tell you all that I am going to be the guest on the Doctor Anonymous Show this Thursday at 2100! (that is 9 p.m. to all you civilian types.)

If you haven’t logged in live, I do suggest you show up! Not only is Dr. A getting better and better (do I hear syndication??) but the chat room is the place to be on Thursday nights. I would especially love to “see” some of you EMS and military bloggers/lurkers. [*cough* Matt and Ryan] You guys will bring some more spice to an already H-O-T bunch of crazies!

Although it will be difficult to live up to some of the amazing people who have been guests in the past, I think Dr. A. will have his hands full. I do promise to try to be on my best behavior, (read: no 3 second delay necessary) but it is impossible to take the crazy outta the girl.

Img 0897

Don’t be skeerd Doctor Anonymous. This won’t hurt a bit!

Grand Rounds 4.48 at Six Until Me

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the blog Six Until Me, you should take the time to check it out.  Not only is the author, Kerri, a gifted writer, she brings something a bit unique to the world of blogging, a patient’s perspective on diabetes.

I have not one, but two friends who use insulin pumps.  One just happens to be a newly graduated pharmacist.  I thought both them and Kerri yesterday whilst discussing back pain with a patient who also uses a pump.  It constantly amazes me how other bits and pieces of my life, like watching J9 (the new pharmacist!) change her pump and patiently teach me while she did it, roll into my world as a nurse and as an NP.  Because I could talk to this patient about her pump, she felt more comfortable with me helping her with her other medical problems.  Instant credibility.

So, Kerri, thanks for your blog and great job with hosting Grand Rounds this week and including me!

J9—thanks for teaching me.  I miss you btw.

UPDATE:  My world constantly amazes me.  Just saw another young patient on a pump, talked to her about online resources and gave her the address to Six Until Me.  How cool is that!

Google Search: ADOBSO

Right before packing for my 3 days of NP work, I decided to check my blog stats.

[Yeah Matt, I’m going…….]

6 people actually found my blog by doing a Google search for “ADOBSO.”

That’s awesome.

edit: Apparently this blog is no. 1 for that search phrase! *roflmao*

Gawd I need a life. 😉

crzegrl manga-fied


Okay, I love this time wasting kind of site. (do it Ben . . . I know you want to!)

I have to admit. I kind of like this one.

I’m now preparing myself for the spam onslaught it is bound to produce. That is the price a girl has to pay, I suppose.


Screenshot 1-4
Just changed my Twitter page and accidently did something cool. I know, step away from the computer. Love it that I am blogging long hand in the photo though. Seems a conflict of input when overlapped by Twitter.

Hmmmmm. Stepping away.

Stepping away.

I’m writing for NursingJobs.org!


Another exciting announcement!!!!

As of today, I am officially writing for the blog at NursingJobs.org.

My first post, “I am a Nurse” is up. To all of you who are finding my blog here for the first time, welcome! Please leave me a comment and let me know whatcha think……nothing like begging for comment love, eh?

Before I forget, I want to give Ashton, who asked me to write for them, a quick thank you. Becoming part of this has been exciting.

Wow, what a good day it has been!