Nursing Portrayed as Fat, Frumpy and Fifty

ednurses, 2008 Fall Specialty Guide

How many more times are we as a profession going to perpetrate the stereotype that nurses are old, fat, frumpy women? I was so irritated with the most recent cover of the journal “ednurses” I almost cursed my way to the house from my mailbox.

The nurse on the cover is highly educated clinical nurse specialist who works at Boston General Hospital. Why in the HELL did they use such an unflattering photograph of her FOR THE COVER? I don’t know a whole lot about photography, but could a more horrendous angle have been used? Why didn’t someone dress her in a great blue or pale green shirt that would have flattered her short, sassy blond hair?

This woman probably has decades of irreplaceable experience. Does that radiate from the pages? Nope. Instead, I see is a judgmental, physically unhealthy, poorly dressed nurse who is scowling at an emotionally distraught patient.

That is far from representing the compassion, intelligence, and professionalism of nursing. Makes me want to . . . wait, what is the point of the cover?

Oh yeah, “Managing Mental Health in the ED.”

If we want to be taken seriously as a profession a bit of wise marketing on even the smallest level would do wonders. Not only do we need to look in the mirror and see how we are physically representing our profession while in the hospital or clinic, we need to find a way to ensure that when being represented in the media we put our best face forward.

Oh, and for the record? I used the age Fifty because the alliteration worked. If this is what 50 really is, sign me up.


Entourage Email Hell

So I spent 3 hours yesterday composing emails to all of you whom I have neglected for way too long.

As I didn’t have internet access while writing said emails, they sat in the outbox ready to go in one mass send.

Now they won’t go.

I’ve updated Entourage.

I’ve sent something successfully from my iPhone with the same account.

It isn’t my server, which the error message is blaming.

F&^#%ng MicroSoft.


The 21st Century’s “Colored Folk”

CNN.com – Ohio governor signs bill making state 38th to ban gay marriage – Feb. 6, 2004

We look back at the ridiculous laws separating people with different color shades and say, ?how could that have happened?? There are commercials teaching children, and especially parents, that hate is taught and that it shouldn?t be tolerated. In WWII soldiers who volunteered to die for their country were only allowed to hold jobs as cooks, etc. because of their skin color (excuse given? ?they have poor night vision?). Children were kept out of schools and opportunities were not based on merit, but birth origin.

When are we going to look back at these ridiculous laws and attitudes against Gays and Lesbians, who are treading an up-hill battle against those who hate, (and hold many of these beliefs based on religion) and wonder what we were thinking?

Family isn?t just about marriage. How many marriages end in divorce? THE BEAVER CLEAVER FAMILY IS A PIPE DREAM. Married couples are reaping the benefit of nothing except higher taxes, higher lawsuit liability and high divorce rates. Two people must work in the family to survive financially. June can no longer stay home, clean house, cook dinner, and meet Ward at the door and take his coat when he gets home from work.

I believe that this law is based on something else ( hint, hint, religion). For example, this quote could very easily be changed:

Marriage is an essential building block of our society, an institution we must reaffirm??

Just replace Marriage with Religion.

Enough of my rant for now, I am late for work.