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Today’s view—short and final.

Today's view---short and final.

Today’s view—short and final.,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

This is a photo as we were landing at a small hospital’s helipad up
north. The weather held today until mid-afternoon then socked us in.
At least we had time to squeek up and get this sick kiddo!

Today’s view—-the roof

Today's view----the roof

Today’s view—-the roof,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Although this photo wasn’t taken through the window of the helicopter,
it is still one of my favorites. There is something simultaneously
envigorating and peaceful about standing on the 11th floor from one of
the highest points in the city. I cherish this view and the few
seconds I steal to enjoy it.

I had so much I wanted to say today. It is the 4th anniversary of
crzegrl.net. A milestone I am proud of.

Veterans Day is also something I want to say something about as I
swore into the Army 11 years ago today.

This will all have to wait though. I have quite a lot of my 12 hour
shift left and need to rest while I am able.

Until tomorrow……good night.

Today’s View—Hazy Shade of Winter

Well, as the song goes, we don’t quite have a ‘patch of snow on the
ground,’ but it is on the way. One of the challenging parts of
aeromedical transport in the northern states is the weather. This is
especially true of the lake effect weather we experience in Michigan.

We have an entire safety system in place to avoid adding pressure to
launch based on patient condition. In this competitive business it is
an issue. When the ‘life or death’ factor is thrown in, it can, and
has led to disasterous consequences for crews in the industry.
Especially for professionals whom have made it their life calling to
save lives.

So, as we are on final for landing at the sending hospital, we
continue to evaluate, and reevaluate that which we can only react to.

Today’s view

Today's view

Today’s view,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Sometimes color contrasts in the gloom of Michigan can be amazing.
This common view is made much more interesting by the flock of school

Quite often we have very little patient information when we launch.
Today all we know is our patient is trauma, not medical. As is always,
we mentally prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Today’s view

Today's view

Today’s view,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Well, it looked like it was going to be a day with no flights but
instead, I got to brush up on my asthma protocols. Our typical winter,
weather blah is setting in, but as I begin to mourn the sun, I still
have plenty to see from my window.

New feature: view from my office window

Ben once told a mutual friend that I have the best view from my office
window. I agree and am adding it as a new category. Should be a source
for some interesting stories and a reason to add a photo from every
shift I work!

This first entry is from a flight last week near the coast. Not such a
great story this time, but the fall light was amazing.

I definitely have the best view from my office window.