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Yesterday’s View: Redux

The cold of the great white north, more specifically the snow it brings with it, keeps us grounded more than I care to dwell on. I did more flying yesterday in one shift then in the whole month of January.

I get cranky when I don’t fly.

Img 5399 2
Me savoring the view

Flying keeps my world balanced.

Img 5405
Ice, Dam and Open Water

The pilots will attest to that.

Img 5406
Part of Downtown, edged by the River

Although the view out the window, is mainly rural, each time we land at our hospital, we get a glimpse of the ever changing skyline of our humble, but beautiful city. Downtown is adorned with a river which is part of the area’s identity.

Today’s View: the Murphy(s), Leg Room and Sunsets

Today definitely bordered on Bill Murray’s version of Groundhog Day.

Remember the movie?


Well, after digging out my piles . . .

Img 0577

. . . we were sent after our first patient.

On our way out the ER door, patient on stretcher, I called our fair well over my shoulder.

“Thanks! See you later today guys!”

Marky, my partner for the shift, almost threw the RSI kit at me.

The ER staff started hollering at my slip. That was almost as bad as saying the ‘Q’ word to them.

I chuckled all the way to the helicopter as my crew chastised me. I am easily entertained.

The flight was uneventful, and lunch was waiting on us 3 hours after we originally ordered it. I got into the second bite of my monster sub when—

—Of course—

—the tones went off.

Minutes later, ass planted in my seat, helmet on my head, lifting to go back to the same hospital for another patient, I was still groaning at the non-prank irony.

And the Ground Hog’s Day movie references began.

Murphy (as in ‘Law’ not ‘Bill’) knew I had a lot I wanted to accomplish today. It just wasn’t meant to be. Apparently my pilot for the day was recently jinxed with being a mission magnet so we kept flying.

Img 5384 2
Mark and the View from our Office Window

I can’t remember the last time I did three flights in one shift. Yeah Mark Thomas, I know, three flights aren’t much when you hot load cheap scenes in So. Cal. but the our first two patient pick ups were to a hospital 25 flight minutes away. Yup, ONE way. The third mission was to a hospital 45 minutes away.

That makes a three flight 12 hour shift long. And I loved every minute of this 13.5 hour day.

Shifts like this are so much better when you have an awesome crew.

As well as the chance to stretch your legs.

Img 5403
Leg Room? Yup!

And views so incredible, they always leave you in awe.

Img 5411
February Sunset

Even though Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, and we are doomed to 6 more weeks of winter, I think I can deal with it.

And I promise I won’t fly angry!

Today’s View—end of this series of threes

Out of all the emergency medicine superstitions the one I subscribe to most is the belief that things come in groups of three. A week and a half ago it was three bad traumatic head injuries.

I after my second pediatric ICU transfer Friday, I told the attending physician I would be back. Although the PICU flight was delayed by 24 hours or so, I did my third today. He was absolutely adorable and sick as can be.

Glad that triple is over with.

As I sit here recouping from my three day shifts I thought I would give you Today’s View from my office window. Enjoy!