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The Blog Ego Search: “Two Tales of Bad Care”

Once in a blue moon, I will go in search of other blogs which have either linked to me or have commented on something I have written.

When you find those things it is like winning a few bucks on a scratch off lotto ticket when you never win anything. So, finding a post from DrTony (who’s entry came from my post about Interns) made my day.

Bad care can definitely be given by anyone.

why I want to be a nurse

This post from Medscape Med Students’ Blogs and girl in greenwood made me reflect, once again, on all of those folks who think they are paying me a comment by asking, “why didn’t you just go to medical school?”

why I want to be a nurse: (from girl in greenwood)

The Differential: Medscape Med Students Blogs: Therapeutic Moments

I have now gotten to the point where I actively discuss my choice to become a Nurse Practitioner by saying that, “I didn’t want to be a doctor, I wanted to be a NURSE!”

Almost embarrassing to me is the fact that I did once feel being a nurse was a failure on my part as I started my educational career with the intent on going to medical school.

It grated my nerves when the public would say, “So, are you the Flight Nurse?” when I was doing an air show as an Army Flight Medic.

Now, I proudly stand up with the battle cry:

Once a nurse, ALWAYS a nurse!

(damn, have I already written about this?)

Stupid medical student denigrating nurses

Okay, although I just put up the piece regarding nurses being overly sensitive about being portrayed as sex objects, I agree with the post at the Nurse Practitioner’s Place. I cannot believe that these medical students even thought this would be appropriate.

Stupid medical student denigrating nurses:

July 8, 2005 — The Edmonton Journal published a fair piece by Jodie Sinnema on May 19 about the recent controversy surrounding the lyrics of a ‘Nurses’ Song’ performed by University of Alberta medical students at their annual ‘Medshow.’ It seems that nursing professors, the university provost, and even the medical school dean found something objectionable about the song’s assertions that nurses were ‘whores’ and ‘bitches’ whose ‘incompetence’ threatened to ‘make our patients die.’ But at least the medical students felt nurses were qualified to ‘fill up my coffeepot’ and ‘give good head,’ and the refrain urged nurses to ‘show me those boobs.’ The song seems to reflect virulent misogyny, ignorance of nursing, and professional insecurity, a perfect storm of dysfunction that persists in many clinical settings, harming patients and contributing to nursing burnout and the global nursing shortage. For more click link:

(Via The Nurse Practitioner’s Place.)

Failure to Rescue

Prior to my being hired, a patient died from a pulmonary embolism after undergoing an orthopaedic surgical procedure to correct a fractured hip. The patient was young (in his 50’s) and although his respiratory decline and mental deterioration were noted, the staff failed to promptly recognize that a life threatening problem existed.

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What journals are on your shelf?

While cleaning out the depths of my office, I decided to sort through my stack of journals. Believe me when I say that I couldn’t believe how many journals I receive.

Here is my list:

Nursing 2005
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly
Orthopaedic Nursing
Nurse Practitioner
American Journal of Critical Care
Emergency Nursing
Disaster Management & Response
Air Medical Journal
Journal of Trauma Nursing

And this doesn’t include the various newsletters from the organizations I am a member of.

I don’t necessarily like polls, but I am very curious to see what journals other nurses/NPs receive.

The nerd in me? Oh yeah, each of the CE articles are marked by a Post-It flag. Maybe someday I will actually get around to reading them…

Patronizing Nurses–Perpetuation of the Problem

I thought this post by GruntDoc on Patronizing Nurses was interesting when I first read it. Looking back now on the dialog it has produced makes it an even better read.

I attended a day long regional trauma conference today that was hosted by my institution and thought about this post during the first session.

I am not usually one who gets bent out of shape about politically correct stuff, but imagine my chagrin when the sticky preprinted name tags had physician and PA credentials prominently displayed, but not RN, NP, or EMT credentials.

Yeah, I commented on that one in the customary “course evaluation” handout.

Oh, and the next time a physician refers to the other NP and I as, ‘the girls’ I may strangle someone with my stethoscope.

Order writin’ fool

My NP license finally came through from the state. Damn if waiting for all of that paperwork wasn’t a pain in the ass. I didn’t think being about to write orders under my own name would be too big of a deal. It is a HUGE deal!

Spent some time with the NPs up in the NICU today. That is something I will have to write about later. It was a great face to face.

For the first time in a few weeks I finally feel as though I made some progress and did some good. Ironically it was the first day by myself (without the other NP) in a very, VERY long time. I wonder if that was a coincidence.

Am going to a huge formal occasion tomorrow night with my mom. Another thing to write about later.

Spent the evening at a surprise 30th birthday party for a friend from way back. That was good times. I am exhausted. I am not going to spell check this. I am going to bed.

Turf to the NP

“Let the NP do it.”

That was what the unit secretary told us the resident said when she called him with a direct admission.

Turfed an admission to the NP…because he was sleeping. At 1:00 pm. I guess I need to do a much better job at educating the residents as to my role. It is definately NOT to be his, or anyone else’s slave…all because he wants to take an afternoon nap.