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Geek Cool: Bent Objects

This Chap Sticks The Landing

In my search for the cool and unusual, I came across this linked from one site or another. You know you are on multi-tasking overload when you can’t remember where you found something.

So, the trauma nurse in me just thought the above, broke head scene was great. The artist’s site, and sense of humor are awesome!

Death Star Canteen in Legos

So Patrick told me about this video and a few days later I actually saw this embedded on a friend’s FaceBook page. I’m actually adding it here for Kevin and Paul.

No deep, overly emotional Happy New Year posts here! Oh no….you get Eddie Izzard in Legos!

Blog about Work Blogs

Although I tend to not do searchs to feed my blogging ego, I am finding certian quests both educational and enlightening. While scanning through my Technorati links, I came across Work-related Blogs and News. Not only is crzegrl.net included in the blogroll, but has an impressive list of sites from a variety of medical professionals, and many others (librarians, academics, lawyers, etc.) as well.

I am looking forward reading through the advice aimed at those of us who blog about work. Great idea for a blog!

Hometown Nursing

Do I love Hometown EMS???

This is something that I am having to deal with now that I have returned to Small Town America. Although I intellectually told myself that this type of situation was bound to occur, I found myself very unprepared when it finally did.

The father of someone I went to high school with had a life altering accident. I found his name on my patient list at 0600. I spent the next 2 hours mulling the ethics in my acting as Nurse Practitioner for him and his family.

It was an emotionally rough day for all of us. By the end I realized what an important thing friends, neighbors and families are, most especially during times of crisis. They welcomed my presence and help with gratitude.

(Via MaddogMedic.)

Speaking of Neal Stephenson

Reason: Neal Stephenson’s Past, Present, and Future: The author of the widely praised Baroque Cycle on science, markets, and post-9/11 America

Patrick got me hooked on Neal Stephenson. I am constantly in awe of his blunt, ‘quit analyzing my work and just freekin’ enjoy it,’ attitude. This is not only evident in interviews like this one, but was a recurrent theme during a book signing in Philly that we attended.

I read because I like the story. If I learn something along the way, then great. Picture me sitting in a Science Fiction class at the University of Pennsylvania surrounded by the the biggest type A nerds you can possibly imagine. How many ways can you analyze “The Time Machine?” or “War of the Worlds?” Enough to ruin the books.

Thanks Mr. Stephenson for reinforcing my belief that a novel should be read for the pleasure of reading a novel.

Curtsy to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the link.