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Only Los Angeles

Only Los Angeles

Only Los Angeles,
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Yes dear reader, that is a giant pair of binoculars. And I thought the
giant clothespin in Philly was wierd.

Hurry up and wait

Hurry up and wait

Hurry up and wait,
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CPT Sickles and me, 1LT McGee, in the chow line. Most of today was
spent waiting. Waiting for the bus, waiting for the barracks keys,
waiting for formation, waiting for dinner.

Although the waiting gets old one of the things that makes the
Reserves so incredible is reconnecting with the people serving with
me. We are genuinely excited to see each other and look forward to
it. That will be the most difficult part when it comes to making the
decision to get out.

Seven hour tattoo

Seven hour tattoo

Seven hour tattoo,
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I know I promised photo updates while getting my tattoo worked on last
Friday, but the emails did not go through. Here is a shot of Jackie
working at about hour five. Yes my dear readers…I sat for a total of
SEVEN hours. Let the crazy girl legend live on!

crzegrl rides again

Well, as I mentioned earlier this month, I am back to my old crazy ways. My tattooista Jackie Brown (yes Patrick, another new word) moved from Philadelphia to Ohio and is now working at Art Bomb Tattoo. A mere drive away! The good news is I can feed my ink addiction without a long trip to the City of Brotherly Love. The bad news is I cannot feed my love of street vendor cheese steaks. The tragedy.

So, the coloring book that is my three quarter sleeve will finally have color today. I will be posting some photos….live! Gawd bless my iPhone.

So, Sylvia (the Saab) and I saddled up and headed out. I am currently sitting in the lobby of a Courtyard hotel, sipping my coffee and happily typing away. Here are some photos of my sleeve so far:

442250768 E0134F7Eb6 M
Initial Drawing

442250950 962Abb933E S
Outline Inked In

617245392 486Cdb87E9 M
Outline and background

Let it never be said that I lived a boring life.