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Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS)

Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS)

Michigan Motorcycle Safari (MMS),
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Happy Birthday Patrick (secret squirrel agent) who is with me on the
Michigan Motorcycle Safari ’08. He got a sexy new bike for his b-day
and we chose to drive north. I will be updating the blog as we go.

Here we are at a hick sports bar watching the Tigers. I highly
recommend the primerib wrap!

Cherry Poppin’ Skydive with Ben

With Ben being in CRNA school, there have been few additions to the Chronicles of Adventure and Wanderlust. Saturday, however, the stars aligned, the skies were blue and skydiving was the last minute epinephrine rush of the day.

Pre-Jump Excitement

The Cherry Poppin’ commenced, yet again, but this time from 10,000 feet. The people at Skydive Inc in Hastings, Michigan (yep, stalkers, my hometown!) were more than incredible. Thanks guys, and Michelle!

Thanks to Harley for being the tandem master, and Burt for the raw video which I spent part of today editing.

Post-Jump High

So Ben, what is next on the list?

Link to Flickr set here.

Matt my Rigger!

Matt my Rigger!

Matt my Rigger!,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

Did my first jump today in a wicked long time. It was awesome to get
back up and fly without an aircraft.

The great thing is the drop zone is literally 10 minutes from my
house. I even stood my landing. What a good freekin’ day.

My rigger? Yeah, he is awesome. Best advice I ever got was to keep the
person packing your reserve parachute happy.

This summer is getting better and better.

Body Worlds 3

Body Worlds 3

Body Worlds 3,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

At the California Science Center. B.J. Be proud. It is all about the
cardiovascular system!