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I’m officially entered in the ‘What makes you strong?’ Titanium Challenge!!!

Titanium Challenge

I’m officially entered into the Titanium Challenge!!!

Please excuse a bit of self promotion, but I am excited! I entered the Titanium Challenge (sponsored by Columbia) because of the topic: “What Makes You Strong?” It was incredibly difficult to write the entry paragraph because I wanted to add so much (my friends, my family, etc) but I was happy with the end result. The cool part? I got to add some kick ass photos! Let there be no mistake how the “CrazyGirl” nickname was earned! Here is the paragraph I submitted:

My patients make me strong. As a flight nurse I care for the most sick and injured patients imaginable. My strength brings them hope. I protect, intervene and give compassion to the families as well. I am reminded daily that life is so precious and, at times, short. With that knowledge I face my fears head on and constantly challenge myself to learn something new. Because of this, I’ve learned to skydive, snowboard, SCUBA dive, and have served as both a flight medic and nurse in the Army. Through it all, my husband keeps me strong when he reminds me that when I have done everything for a patient who still dies, I gave them the best chance at living. That when things are at their most difficult, it is when I am at my best.

I just got the email that my entry was up today and actually almost accidently deleted the notification as spam. Oops!

Okay, now here is the self promotion piece: Please go to the entry and add comments!!! Although my chances for winning are slim and that wasn’t really my expectation, it would be cool to use this as a place to do some nurse stereotype beat-down!

Link for my entry here.

US Army Medic Vet, Nurse, Miss Utah, and Miss USA competitor!

Thought I was finished blogging for the time being, but just came across this via blackfive.net.

SGT Jill Stevens, aka G.I. Jill, is now inducted into the “Chicks that Kick Ass” category of crzegrl.net.


SGT Stevens is not only a Nurse (whooohhhoooo), a Veteran who served in Afghanistan as a combat Medic, but is also Miss Utah 2007 and now a competitor for the Miss USA crown in 2008. Read her bio and blog here.

Yes boys, GORGEOUS girls wear combat boots too. Guess I am now a fan of the Miss USA pageant. HOOAH!

Another link borrowed from blackfive.net, via the website Army.mil/news about Jill here. Here is more information via the blog America’s North Shore Journal which includes photos of SGT Stevens in theater.

Good Luck SGT Stevens! Kick some prissy ass!


I just love finding new blogs written by self-proclaimed politically incorrect nurses! I just added “i give good shot” to my blog-roll. From her profile:

I’m a married mother of 3, liberal and politically incorrect. If you’re sensitive or “don’t like bad words” you better click on out of here, cuz my favorite word is “fuck” and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Check her out and give her some love!

Oh, and read her post “And I thought he was gay.” Unfortunately, I do not have a WordPress login to leave a comment, but am pissed that this goes on. I am even more pissed that Nurses still don’t have enough unspoken, unquestionable support to fight this kind of disgusting behavior. It is easy to say I would have just kicked said doctor in the balls if I was in the same situation, but it is so much easier to internalize and attempt to keep the peace like I sometimes do as a woman, and as a nurse.

BamaNurse—-hope you are reading this. I bet you are one in a long line that he is doing this shit to. Keep us posted, keep your head up and always consider that shot to the jewels…we will all cheer!

Sergeant Grey Eagle–Chicks Kicking Ass

There is a common theme to my life. I am always working on living up to the ‘chick’s that kick ass’ ideal. Had the nick name of GI Jane while on Active Duty in the Army. Got the call sign ‘CrazyGirl’ from my F-16 pilot friend who I picked up while skydiving one afternoon.

So, I am going to start a new category “Chicks that Kick Ass.” This is along the lines of BlackFive’sSomeone You Should Know.’

I guess it is fitting that I found the first chick on the list from BlackFive’s blog:

Sergeant Grey Eagle

From her blog:

“I am a 35 year old wife, mother, and U.S. Soldier with the 101st Airborne Division. I am a Combat Medic with Charlie Company (1st Brigade) deployed at FOB Warrior, Iraq. This website is about my thoughts, my feelings, and my life with Charlie Company during our deployment.”

Catgraphic Blog

Not only is she a soldier with the 101st Airborne Division, but she is a MEDIC…obviously a chick after my own heart.

Congrats to her on her recent promotion to Sergeant.

Jennifer, Traveling ER/Trauma Nurse–Chicks that Kick Ass

Couldn’t go the inaugural day of Chicks that Kick Ass without a Nurse. Just found Jennifer’s blog today and already want to take her skydiving.


SINGLE MOM to HOMEBIRTHED 6 year old HUNTER SAGE, traveling ER/Trauma NURSE on assignment in NASHVILLE, TN, bacardi and diet,free spirit, very tan, vegan, does her own nails, 20 PIERCINGS, and 3 tattoos, can often be found tanning, playing on her SK2, talking to her sisters, or SAVING YOUR LIFE.


Anyone who can discuss Maslow and Erickson in a rant, bust out a pink studded iPod, and use the phrase ‘fucking bitch’ deserves a place in this category.

So Jen, when do you want to go jump???