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Reflections on the MEDEVAC Post, and Caring for Veterans

A few notes in reference to my hastily written post regarding my desire to return to flying MEDEVAC in the Army . . .

The post from B5 struck an obvious cord with me and thus my strong statements.

I want to say thank you to Mark and Matt for reminding me that the term “Heroes” is reserved for referring to those who have given their lives. Although I have not needed to fly a “Hero,” and quite frankly hope never to have to, it would be nothing short of an honor. As I deal with the drunks and their aftermath in my flight job, and suck up my frustration and disgust while treating the drug seekers in my nurse practitioner job, it is those blog posts and videos that remind me why I am a nurse, a medic, and a soldier.

“Never forget where you came from.”

It has been quite awhile since I have given actual care to a soldier. The ones I have, however, I will never forget. The ones who died I carry with me everywhere. They changed me at my core.

Today I realized that amongst the drunks and those who drain society, I do have the honor of flying soldiers, even here at home.

These soldiers, have poor veins, have fragile skin, and weak hearts.

They are the veterans who served before me.

They have seen more than I could ever imagine, sacrificed more than I have to give.

Although I have always cherished those stolen moments of conversation with them, I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way. I am always amazed by how my writing helps to rearrange my thinking and puts pieces into place.

I know I am doing what I was meant to do. The trick will be to stay patient while my life continues to align.

Welcome B5 Readers

Imagine my utter shock when I was perusing through my RSS feeds and realized that I was reading a post from Uncle Jimbo, quoting my post in which I quoted BlackFive.

It was instantaneous blogger groupie swoon . . .

Okay, completely unbecoming of an officer, but I admit it, I’m flattered.

I’ve been reading B5 since before RSS aggregators existed so in short, sirs: Thanks for the link love.


About that job. Hey, I’m not too proud to self promote. I’m a blogger. It is part of my charm.

All of you who are here from B5, thanks for visiting and thanks for the emails, keep ’em coming! Don’t forget to add me to your RSS feeds while you are at it. I’m just sayin’.

“Four Heros On Board”—and why I miss being DUSTOFF

I love my job, but give me half the chance (or less) I would head to Afghanistan. I would happily give up my CPT tracks to, once again, be part of a MEDEVAC unit as a flight medic. YES, UNCLE SUGAR, that means I would volunteer.

“As soon as the bombs were dropped, our Apaches came to the area,” Kinney said. “The first MEDEVAC aircraft landed on the base and picked up six patients. Our aircraft was called into the [observation post] right next to it. We were originally going to use the hoist, but the pilots determined that we had a big enough area to put the aircraft down on the side of a terrace.”

Every time we call into our dispatch on lift off it sound like:

“Flight com, we are lifting with THREE SOULS, 1900 on the fuel.”

I would give up a lot to be in a situation to hear my pilot say:

“DUSTOFF 30 has THREE HEROES on board, wondering if there is a fourth.”

Listen for it in the video “MEDEVAC Mission Afghanistan” as offered by in one of the comments on the above BlackFive post.

I’ve recently decided to stay in the Army for at least another 10 years. Now, I just need to find a job in my beloved Army where I will be the most useful.

Anyone have a slot for an flight nurse-paramedic/emergency room nurse practitioner? Unfortunately I don’t think that MOS is on anyone’s TO&E. (translation: that job description doesn’t exist in the Army)

Actually, I know there has got to be someone reading this from Blackfive that has connections . . . yes, this is an absolutely shameless plug.

My CV is here.

email: emily@crzegrl.net

Never thought I would become an Air Force PJ Groupie . . . until today

As I had nothing better to occupy my over-taxed emo brain today, I started looking for an old Air Force friend from Fort Irwin (yup, one of about 10 AF guys on post). Instead, I came across PJCountry written by two reserve PJs and ventured an email to the authors:

Hey guys…

Was looking for an old Air Force friend of mine and came across your blog. The uncensored wit had me laughing…the Ayn Rand posts intrigued me (have had many an argument regarding ‘Atlas Shrugged’) and then all the scenery sealed the deal.

Think I wanna be a groupie.


To whet my groupie appetite, I got a response from Checky in about two minutes flat. Wowza. I may be in love . . .

So BK and Checky? What do I have to do to get the club t-shirt???

Go check ’em out and give ’em some love.

4th of July Reading: Remembering Nurses Who Served

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Summer Reading

In my post “Nurses Who Sacrificed for Freedom” over at NursingJobs.org, I mentioned some great books about nurses who served in the military. Here are more books on the same topic which are part of my personal library:

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AND IF I PERISH: Frontline U.S. Army Nurses in World War II
by Evelyn M. Monahan and Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee

51Akkmdtdrl. Sl160 Pisitb-Dp-Arrow,Topright,21,-23 Sh30 Ou01 Aa115

A History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps
by Mary T. Sarnecky


Nurse Helen Fairchild WWI 1917-1918
by Nelle Fairchild Hefty Rote

5194H74Sb0L. Sl500 Bo2,204,203,200 Pisitb-Dp-500-Arrow,Topright,45,-64 Ou01 Aa240 Sh20

We Band of Angels: The untold story of American Nurses Trapped in Baatan by the Japanese
by Elizabeth M. Norman


Notes on Nursing
by Florence Nightingale

510Jde3Evtl. Sl160 Pilitb-Dp-Arrow,Topright,21,-23 Sh30 Ou01 Aa115

A Piece of My Heart: the stories of twenty-six american women who served in Vietnam
by Keith Walker

So, if you have some down time, give these a look. I’m always looking for new books, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Don’t feel like stepping away from your computer? Don’t forget about my post over at NursingJobs.org!

Have a SAFE 4th of July. I don’t want to have to come pick you up!

Radio Show Guest Spot recap: “Frontlines of Freedom”

Wow, I had an absolutely awesome time doing the radio show “Frontlines of Freedom” last night. I will get a link to the podcast up as soon as it appears.

Wanted to say thanks to you all (Greybeard, Epi, JS, and Nick) and anyone else who caught it.

Denny—-thanks so much for having me! I am even more excited to be on with LTC Kenyon, and MAJ Wisdom in July. BTW, I am planning on taking you up on that Diet Coke.

I’ll give you all a better heads up for that show as well.

Although the segment went too quickly, I think I am still blushing about the kind bio Denny presented about me. Sometimes I forget how much stuff I do and have done. Mostly I think about what I am doing or want to do. That was an awesome reminder that I have actually gotten somewhere.

Here is the text from his website about me:

Captain Emily McGee
Captain Emily McGee, USAR, is a nurse who trains medics and flys for Aero Med in her civilian job. Emily was an enlisted Army medic who took first place in almost everything she did; she went to a top nursing school; earned her BSN and MSN and is a Nurse Practitioner. She’s a top blogger and parachutes. One can understand why medics can and do learn from her. And her medics get training that is much better than it was in my day, and it relates totally to civilian training. You’ll be surprised and glad to hear about this great training.
Now, I just hope I don’t cringe too much when I listen to the podcast. There is just something strange about hearing your own voice.

Speaking of which, it made me really want to get busy on creating my own podcast…….Guess I will have to get over that voice thing.

CPT Emily McGee, WOOD NewsRadio Interview Tonight 1800 EST

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Tonight at 1800 EST (that is 6:00 p.m. for all you civilian types) I will be interviewed by LTC (ret) Denny Gillem on his show Frontlines of Freedom which is on WOOD NEWSRADIO. We will be chatting about being an active duty medic, my involvement in training medics in the Army Reserves, being a woman in a traditionally male dominated field as well as what ever else comes to mind.

Interested in listening?
Link for WOOD NewsRadio Live
Miss my post and the opportunity to it live?
The podcast should be posted here soon!

I will be a repeat guest in July as part of a panel discussing military medicine with one of my favorite flight physicians, who happens to also be a physician in the Army Reserves. That will be a great show as well.

Funny that I actually had a lieutenant in my unit hear about the show via a preview ad which was broadcast on the radio station. If nothing else, tonight should be interesting!

Frontlines Of Freedom Logo

Surprise Honor for West Michigan WWII Veteran

Surprise Honor for West Michigan WWII Veteran
Nick Monacelli
Created: 5/4/2008 7:45:59 PM
This is an incredible story that happened during my last Army Reserve Battle Assembly (aka: drill weekend). Awesome to have two heros from the same family honored on the same day.

Just a note: Unbeknownst to me, I was taped shaking hands with Tech Sergeant 4 VanLoon at about the 1:30 mark of the video. CPT McGee (me-promoted from 1LT that same day) made the news!

Congratulations to both Tech Sergeant 4 VanLoon and Master Sergeant Unseld.