100 facts

updated 12 Jan 2009 (updated 17 Mar 2007) (updated 1 Jan 2006) (created 26 Dec 2003)

1. was born in Battle Creek, MI (Cereal City!)

2. have very dark brown red brown hair

3. am 5’7 and 3/4″ tall

4. have very blue eyes

5. take procrastinating to the next level “it is a life style not a habit!”

6. have lots of gray hair

7. color lots of gray hair

8. am fascinated with the ocean

9. love watches of any type

10. dog person, not a cat person

11. am a tech/gadget/computer geek

12. don’t believe in god(s)

13. have the same mole on my left cheek as my mom and two sisters

14. have dreams where I keep misdialing an important phone number

15. wear retainers on teeth a bite splint

16. have two three nephews, and a niece two three nieces (+ 4 more step n&n!)

17. haven’t talked to father since 1999

18. was married at 20 years old

19. was divorced at 24 years old

20. was remarried at 26 years old (and divorced at 33)

21. love blueberry cake donuts

22. wear bifocals wear glasses

23. love to make cheesecake

24. hate washing my hair

25. actually have had long hair for the first time since I was five but cut it in October 2004 and have since grown it back out loooong

26. San Diego, CA is my favorite place in the world

27. own a Jeep Wrangler (patriot blue of course)

28. _hate_ sappy movies

29. love action, shoot ’em up, kill ’em movies

30. want to SCUBA dive with great white sharks

31. love the photos I have taken

32. need 8 hours of sleep

33. sleep with a fan on

34. have been tattooed more many more hours than I can count (and then some)

35. still read Nancy Drew books

36. am attracted to anything sparkley = “crow syndrome”

37. am the oldest of 4 kids

38. can never remember how old I am

39. have only broken one bone (that I know of)

40. own a Spice Girls CD

41. do cross stitch needle point, and keep extensive scrapbooks

42. am in the Army Reserves

43. want to learn to play the piano guitar

44. would go out to eat every day

45. love to cook

46. look most like my mom

47. wish I could dye my hair blue and get away with it

48. have never smoked anything except one puff off a cigar smoked a few cigarettes and occasionally puff a cigar

49. drink white wine before red either just as happily depending on my mood and company

50. love sushi

51. have 4 college degrees

52. don’t like to stay inside

53. am a visual learner

54. spend way too much money

55. love watching sports on TV

56. like college better than pro

57. think Princess Leia is the first of the kick-ass chicks

58. love John Wayne movies

59. want to do medical relief work in Central/South America

60. wish I could speak Spanish well

61. want to learn to surf, and snowboard

62. _always_ have my toenails polished

63. worked as a waitress at a strip club

64. wear a size 10 shoe

65. drink my coffee black (and fru-fru)

66. am scared of jumping into water from higher than about 3 meters

67. did my 100th skydive on 19 Jul 03 at Crosskeys, NJ

68. have wanted a Tag Heuer dive watch since I was 12 years old and got one as a Graduation gift from Patrick

69. love Legos

70. favorite color is blue

71. have a comic book collection

72. love Manga and Anime

73. am impressed with anyone who has published a book

74. want to have a death scene in a movie

75. have driven across the country 3 4 times

76. have owned 4 6 vehicles, 3 were brand new

77. collect student loans

78. like stickers

79. have a collection of “fish books”

80. like to fish

81. have had my tongue pierced

82. hate eating veggies, but am trying

83. love red vine licorice

84. eat when I am stressed out Go to the gym when I am stressed out

85. think the desert is beautiful

86. cannot sit still for very long

87. am a registered nurse, and a Nurse Practitioner

88. am an emergency medical technician a Paramedic

89. want to write a an entire book about something not just chapters

90. love oral history collections

91. did my first oral history project at 18 years old

92. have lived in four states

93. have attended 5 colleges/universities

94. went to Michigan State NOT University of Michigan

95. went to the University of Pennsylvania NOT Penn State

96. love to do crazy things at the spur of the moment

97. believe that a person should love who they love, regardless of gender

98. have little respect for those who cannot think beyond themselves

99. think outside of the box

100. was, am and always will be the original Crazygirl

  1. Spent Christmas 1998 in -30C Edomton Alberta Canada with 2 Canuks who got lost and sunburnt in the desert

  2. Has a kick ass brother who loves and respects her, and is always astounded with what she does and accomplishes!!!!! Love ya sissy!!!!

  3. Has a mother who started her crazy girl adventures by helping her catch a snake by removing her half-slip and using it as a “snake bag”, on Easter Sunday, when she (Emily) was 8 years old.

  4. Emily,
    Wow! You sound awesome!
    Lots of interesting information about you, but was surprised about Number #62…

    Have A Great Night!


  5. Truly remarkable and yet U seem sooo hilarious!!! Keep on girl! U put a smile on my face while working in the ER..RN

  6. Hi, for some reason I have compatibility problems with your site, I’m using google chrome. do you support this browser? Thanks guys…

  7. Dearest Crzegrl, somethings are better left unwritten/unsaid.
    “40. own a Spice Girls CD”

    No one wants to know, no one needs to know. Keep it to yourself – it should be your dirty little secret.

    Be safe,


  8. You sound awesome, full of vigor, full of life and I LLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE that. Rock on sista.

  9. Helped a friend obtain a very cool directional / wayfinding sign back in the yound and stupid days…

  10. #101 would be “I am good at stealing procedures from the flight doc and get away with it cause I do it best.”

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