Caliente y Eskimos

Does anyone else come across random things during daily O2 life and think about friends in your digital life?

For example….

Img 0583
For Rico

I took this while at the market today knowing it would crack up @medpiano.

His response:

@crzegrl15 Aiaiai….estoy sudando con la pura mirada, ¡y no por los chiles!

I *heart* Twitter.


@crzegrl15 (“I’m sweating just looking, and not because of the chiles!”) hehe 😉

So, on that hot pepper tip……

Img 0586
Me & my Baby Sister Kate

We didn’t plan this. Just happened to have similar coats in the freezing, great white north. Oh, and showed up to dinner at mom and dad’s tonight.

See? Not such a crazy life.

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