Livescribe, Acer Aspire One -or- Christmas Gifts for the Nerd Girl Blogger

No matter how long I have blogged I always find myself going back to pen and paper. Many times this is for convenience as it just isn’t useful to lug my beloved PowerBook G4 everywhere. Mostly, however, it just feels right to have a pen in my hand, scratching my thoughts down in a way which allows for a conscious thought flow.

Here is where the commercial begins.

Last night, I finally bought my Livescribe pen. I have drooled over this little gadget for almost 2 years. This link (really, CLICK HERE because it is so cool!) is the original composition of this post; bad handwriting, miss-spellings and scratch outs. The audio you here was recorded with the same pen and synced automatically. The most exciting to part for this nerd girl? The hand writing to text feature. No more blog posts forgotten in a notebook, well written but never transcribed.

Unfortunately, much to my Mac loving dismay, the software will not run on my pre-Intel Mother board computers. Also, the handwriting to text is not available for Macs at this time.

BUT! Before you PC/Microsoft lovers out there start with your Mac bashing comments–my computers are over 5 years old and are still running without a hitch.

I am so excited to have found another way to say. Now I have zero excuse not to keep it up to date.

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