Ahoy Matey! Change of Shift Vol. 3 No. 6

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Glad ye lubbers could find the place. Grab ye a bit o’ grog and settle in for this here edition of Change of Shift!



Okay. I am not as good as others at spewing the pirate lingo, but hosting CoS this close to International Talk Like A Pirate Day was just too good to pass up!

For those of you who are not familiar with this all important holiday, I would suggest some background reading. Although I may be forced to walk the plank, the first blog post is being linked to without permission, or prior notification. I think this here scallywag will be forgiven in the Spirit of the season as this post is by the holiday’s Captain, (columnist) Dave Barry.

Are you the type that likes the movie better then the book? This video edition is for you! [If you are one of those who always read the book first, I suggest you grab that grog and scroll down and read this edition’s incredible entries.]

Peter sent Try It On Everything – EFT movie review from weoverstep.com. As practitioners dealing with all sorts of people from varying walks of life, knowing what alternative therapies are available is a necessary component of what we do. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is an alternative therapy technique which is gaining popular momentum.

100 Best Herbs for Your Health and Wellness by Kelly Kilpatrick at NursingDegree.net carries the momentum on educating us on the pharmacological side of alternative therapies. The site is also home to 100 Essential Sites and Resources for Physical Therapists.

StrongOne at mystrongmedicine.com also sent in two entries. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite nursing bloggers. His first entry How Green is the Grass on Your Side? breaks down the important basics that we should all look for in our place of employment. A great guide for new nurses and experienced nurses alike. His second post Blinking & Breathing I Can’t Complain echos one the main themes I live by.

Cherish and treasure all that you have. Time is precious these days, and before you know it you may run out of it!! (time… that is)

Over at NurseConnect.com, Laura touches on patient flow through the hospital in Going With the Flow. An area that we don’t spend enough time or energy improving (IMHO). Kathy, who also writes at NurseConnect.com discusses a topic that tends to bring out the opinions: Bring Back Our Nursing Colleagues: The LPNs.

Speaking of topics that bring discussion. Remember careplans of old? You know the ones. Pure nursing school torture (right B.J.?). Lisa takes careplans head on as related to care provided in skilled nursing facilities, as evidenced by . . . ok. I will stop. The post is Bringing Care Planning Out of the Dark Ages at her blog It’s a Skilled Nursing Thing.

For all of my CRNA swashbucklers, it isn’t quite the OR, but Dean Moyer of The Back Pain Blog examines the possible complications of epidural steroid injections as they relate to the treatment of sciatica in Sciatica and Epidural Injections – Risks and Side Effects. This series of posts are designed to answer several common questions and concerns associated with epidural injections.



Rehab RN does her best to brighten up the black and white in the world of recovery with The Colors of Rehab. I am never going to look at my exercise bands the same way again!

In order to return to alternative types of therapies, this one being in the realm of psychotherapy, we swagger on over to SharpBrains.com where there is great information about The Future of Computer-assisted Cognitive Therapy. Alvaro Fernandez offered up a second entry with Lee Woodruff: the Bob Woodruff Foundation, and You, can help Traumatic Brain Injury survivors. This is an area in which exciting research advances are being made. This is something near an dear to my heart because much of the research is a result of those injured serving in OIF and OEF.

Mother Jones, RN gets into a bit of a journalistic reporting swing with her interview of Brian Short: the Man Behind AllNurses.com. It is fascinating to read up on who is behind some of the major sites for our profession.

I also received a somewhat random entry from WordPressHacker.com that I wanted to add due to the recent conversations about the technical/coding side of what we do. Auto Create Navigation Tabs for New Pages may give some of you a bit of help with maintaining your blog.

As some of you saw in my video post from 9/11, I have great respect for our neighbors to the North. (that is Canada for all you directionally challenged)

running wildly is a blog that I cannot believe I have missed up until now. According to her blog, she is a 4th year nursing student, a self proclaimed coffee addict, and one hell of a writer. I am giving her special props here to ensure these three links will catch your eye.

**Another Number


—and (appropriately)—

**The End
One final editing note, NPs Save Lives sent me an entry and I, for the life of me, cannot seem to find the link! So, at a minimum, I wanted to be sure I linked to her blog. As soon as I get that link, I will add it here. Check her recently renovated digs: ARNP.Blogspot.com
Thanks to all of you who stopped by and thanks to Kim at Emergiblog for granting me the opportunity to have you visit.

Don’t forget to wear your eye patch and take your parrot to work today!

Next CoS will be hosted on 2 October at NurseLinkUp.com.
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