Therapeutic Weekend

This was one of those amazing weekends in which I actually got a lot accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, as a good friend pointed out, I am always busy. The last few days, however, found completing some serious, “around the house” stuff.

In the process of doing so, I found a mouse in the house. Actually, an entire family of them nested in my outside water-hose, wind up-thingy.


Here is momma mouse and 4 babies, the likes of which have been making my doggie dogs, Lucy and Steve, NUTS.

Although I got zero done on here, I did clean out gutters, mulch the rest of my flower beds, move my entire entertainment system and furniture all around in my house, and cleaned like a crazy lady. Oh, and insulated my office/started dry walling. Did a bunch of other stuff too, but that would then boarder on insanity for writing it all in a blog post.

So, here is to a slow day at work tomorrow so I can get some actual writing done!

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend!

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