crzegrl on the Doctor Anonymous Show this Thursday!

OHhhhhh!!! I forgot to tell you all that I am going to be the guest on the Doctor Anonymous Show this Thursday at 2100! (that is 9 p.m. to all you civilian types.)

If you haven’t logged in live, I do suggest you show up! Not only is Dr. A getting better and better (do I hear syndication??) but the chat room is the place to be on Thursday nights. I would especially love to “see” some of you EMS and military bloggers/lurkers. [*cough* Matt and Ryan] You guys will bring some more spice to an already H-O-T bunch of crazies!

Although it will be difficult to live up to some of the amazing people who have been guests in the past, I think Dr. A. will have his hands full. I do promise to try to be on my best behavior, (read: no 3 second delay necessary) but it is impossible to take the crazy outta the girl.

Img 0897

Don’t be skeerd Doctor Anonymous. This won’t hurt a bit!

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