Reflections on the MEDEVAC Post, and Caring for Veterans

A few notes in reference to my hastily written post regarding my desire to return to flying MEDEVAC in the Army . . .

The post from B5 struck an obvious cord with me and thus my strong statements.

I want to say thank you to Mark and Matt for reminding me that the term “Heroes” is reserved for referring to those who have given their lives. Although I have not needed to fly a “Hero,” and quite frankly hope never to have to, it would be nothing short of an honor. As I deal with the drunks and their aftermath in my flight job, and suck up my frustration and disgust while treating the drug seekers in my nurse practitioner job, it is those blog posts and videos that remind me why I am a nurse, a medic, and a soldier.

“Never forget where you came from.”

It has been quite awhile since I have given actual care to a soldier. The ones I have, however, I will never forget. The ones who died I carry with me everywhere. They changed me at my core.

Today I realized that amongst the drunks and those who drain society, I do have the honor of flying soldiers, even here at home.

These soldiers, have poor veins, have fragile skin, and weak hearts.

They are the veterans who served before me.

They have seen more than I could ever imagine, sacrificed more than I have to give.

Although I have always cherished those stolen moments of conversation with them, I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way. I am always amazed by how my writing helps to rearrange my thinking and puts pieces into place.

I know I am doing what I was meant to do. The trick will be to stay patient while my life continues to align.

  1. Its that whole Karma thing. You get to fly and do what I can only deam of doing. While I have see my share of heros ( 6 friends) and ,I care not too see any more, yet I cann’t fly to save my life.

    Lifes funny that way I Guess

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