Never thought I would become an Air Force PJ Groupie . . . until today

As I had nothing better to occupy my over-taxed emo brain today, I started looking for an old Air Force friend from Fort Irwin (yup, one of about 10 AF guys on post). Instead, I came across PJCountry written by two reserve PJs and ventured an email to the authors:

Hey guys…

Was looking for an old Air Force friend of mine and came across your blog. The uncensored wit had me laughing…the Ayn Rand posts intrigued me (have had many an argument regarding ‘Atlas Shrugged’) and then all the scenery sealed the deal.

Think I wanna be a groupie.


To whet my groupie appetite, I got a response from Checky in about two minutes flat. Wowza. I may be in love . . .

So BK and Checky? What do I have to do to get the club t-shirt???

Go check ’em out and give ’em some love.

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