4th of July Reading: Remembering Nurses Who Served

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Summer Reading

In my post “Nurses Who Sacrificed for Freedom” over at NursingJobs.org, I mentioned some great books about nurses who served in the military. Here are more books on the same topic which are part of my personal library:

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AND IF I PERISH: Frontline U.S. Army Nurses in World War II
by Evelyn M. Monahan and Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee

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A History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps
by Mary T. Sarnecky


Nurse Helen Fairchild WWI 1917-1918
by Nelle Fairchild Hefty Rote

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We Band of Angels: The untold story of American Nurses Trapped in Baatan by the Japanese
by Elizabeth M. Norman


Notes on Nursing
by Florence Nightingale

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A Piece of My Heart: the stories of twenty-six american women who served in Vietnam
by Keith Walker

So, if you have some down time, give these a look. I’m always looking for new books, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Don’t feel like stepping away from your computer? Don’t forget about my post over at NursingJobs.org!

Have a SAFE 4th of July. I don’t want to have to come pick you up!

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