Radio Show Guest Spot recap: “Frontlines of Freedom”

Wow, I had an absolutely awesome time doing the radio show “Frontlines of Freedom” last night. I will get a link to the podcast up as soon as it appears.

Wanted to say thanks to you all (Greybeard, Epi, JS, and Nick) and anyone else who caught it.

Denny—-thanks so much for having me! I am even more excited to be on with LTC Kenyon, and MAJ Wisdom in July. BTW, I am planning on taking you up on that Diet Coke.

I’ll give you all a better heads up for that show as well.

Although the segment went too quickly, I think I am still blushing about the kind bio Denny presented about me. Sometimes I forget how much stuff I do and have done. Mostly I think about what I am doing or want to do. That was an awesome reminder that I have actually gotten somewhere.

Here is the text from his website about me:

Captain Emily McGee
Captain Emily McGee, USAR, is a nurse who trains medics and flys for Aero Med in her civilian job. Emily was an enlisted Army medic who took first place in almost everything she did; she went to a top nursing school; earned her BSN and MSN and is a Nurse Practitioner. She’s a top blogger and parachutes. One can understand why medics can and do learn from her. And her medics get training that is much better than it was in my day, and it relates totally to civilian training. You’ll be surprised and glad to hear about this great training.
Now, I just hope I don’t cringe too much when I listen to the podcast. There is just something strange about hearing your own voice.

Speaking of which, it made me really want to get busy on creating my own podcast…….Guess I will have to get over that voice thing.