CPT Emily McGee, WOOD NewsRadio Interview Tonight 1800 EST

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Tonight at 1800 EST (that is 6:00 p.m. for all you civilian types) I will be interviewed by LTC (ret) Denny Gillem on his show Frontlines of Freedom which is on WOOD NEWSRADIO. We will be chatting about being an active duty medic, my involvement in training medics in the Army Reserves, being a woman in a traditionally male dominated field as well as what ever else comes to mind.

Interested in listening?
Link for WOOD NewsRadio Live
Miss my post and the opportunity to it live?
The podcast should be posted here soon!

I will be a repeat guest in July as part of a panel discussing military medicine with one of my favorite flight physicians, who happens to also be a physician in the Army Reserves. That will be a great show as well.

Funny that I actually had a lieutenant in my unit hear about the show via a preview ad which was broadcast on the radio station. If nothing else, tonight should be interesting!

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  1. Can we call the radio station with questions for crzegrl?….. Mark, Jamie, and I promise it would apporiate…. Shepp

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