Nothing of Note

So I have nothing in depth or exciting to write about tonight.

I resorted to brute force labor in the attempt to get my mind-body balance back. When I say brute force, I seriously hauled rocks around my yard today building about 7 flower beds around my trees and putting them around my deck and hot tub.

Oh, before that? Drank coffee with a good friend and saw him off on an extended business trip, watched the new Indiana Jones movie with Mom and Dad, and ended the day with laundry.

God it feels good to be at home doing work.

Tomorrow, riding the bike to a work meeting (have I mentioned how much I love my motorcycle???) and then maybe 18 holes of golf between finishing chapter edits for a project I am working on. Oh shit! I will also be doing my speaker’s forms for AMTC.

My to do list is endless!

Good night blog.

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